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“Joe and his crew were a pleasure to work with. I’m extremely happy with the end results of my projects. Back to Basics is the real deal with reliability, quick work, prompt communication, and fair prices. They are highly recommended by me.”
– Megan F.

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About Joe and Sarah

Joe and Sarah are the proud owners of Back to Basics Builders. Combined they are a powerhouse in remodeling homes, with Sarah’s eye for design and Joe’s technical know how. If you can dream it, they can do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the first steps to starting an estimate with our company?

What we ask you to do is fill out a basement remodeling Milwaukee form on our website at www.backtobasicsbuilders.com, or you can call our office at 414-460-0075. When we speak on the phone, we will ask what the project is about, get your vision and ideas, and set up a time we can come out and get some measurements and talk in person.


What happens after an estimate?

Great question, after an estimate we come back to the office and start creating your proposal. We create a drawing of your space and get our measurements in there. When that is done we start creating your proposal with how much materials we will need, and how much electrical, plumbing, and Hvac will cost. At the end we type up your proposal and outline the job for you. We have how much the total job should cost and how payments will look for this specific job. As highly reviewed home remodeling Milwaukee experts we pride ourselves on our free estimate offer. 


When do we get to see our proposal?

When we leave the estimate, we always schedule a time to come back and go over the proposal with you. So the next time you see us, we give you a folder and all the details in it. The contract is also put in there, so you can see what your project entails and keeps you informed of all things remodeling. At this time, it also allows for the potential client to ask any questions that they might have. Getting on the same page about timelines, realistic budgets and results on your home remodeling Milwaukee is the entire goal of the proposal. 


What happens if we decide to sign?

This is Great News, and we are eagerly excited to work with you! Once a contract is signed by both parties we can move ahead. Someone from the office will call you and set up a time to do an orientation. The basement remodeling Milwaukee orientation is a great way for the office staff to come in and meet the homeowners and give you the tools you will need moving forward. At orientations, we like to give you a list of who to call and when to call them. We have some basic tips and tricks to keep your sanity as you start your remodeling process, and some common things that happen during a remodel. Orientation is a great way to let you know we are excited for you and care about your project. We arm you with as many resources as we can, to make this a smooth and beautiful transformation in your home.


How long does a remodel take at Back to Basics Builders?

We normally tell our basement remodeling Milwaukee clients that remodels can take from three to four months. Depending on the specific remodel and what work needs to be done.


How do we communicate with you once our project starts?

This is a great question, and a very common one! Due to so many clients trying to call us daily, we created a system through google docs. This document is live, and both parties can be in it at once typing. We send you an invite link in the first days of working with you. Through this doc, we have a place where you can link all your fixtures and personal touches you need to add to your project. Say there is a great mirror you found on wayfair.com, link that in the doc, and our crew will get it ordered and shipped to our office, so when the time comes, we have the mirror and we are ready to add it to the final touches. This is also where you may link your tile or paint selection for floor or walls, depending on your project. This document has really kept jobs efficient and communication open with all of our basement remodeling Milwaukee clients! The docs are checked twice a day, once in the morning, and once early afternoon. Any questions that are not urgent, but need an answer can also be asked right on there. Along with the google docs, every client has access to our sales manager cell phone, and the project manager cell phone. We do our best to answer these every time they ring. Otherwise leave a message, and you will hear from us within a few hours at most.


What kind of selections do I, as the client, need to make?

This is such a fun part of your basement remodeling Milwaukee or kitchen / bathroom remodeling projects as it allows for you to really personalize your home. Clients need to pick out flooring, whether that’s LVP (luxury vinyl plank), tile, or carpet. Next we need fixtures picked out. Light fixtures, faucets, sinks, towel bars, etc.. If cabinets are needed, we need your cabinet choice, along with the countertops. We work with two great companies that live and breath cabinets and countertops, and can help us with those choices. And last is paint color. There are a few custom items that need to be chosen per specific project, but these outline the larger choices that need to be made. We will be there every step of the way to help you make the most optimal home remodeling Milwaukee decisions to fit your style, budget, and timeline. 


What if I am having a hard time deciding on tile, paint, fixtures, or finishing touches?

That happens all the time, and we are here to help!! Sarah, owner of Back to Basics Builders, loves to sit down with basement remodeling Milwaukee clients and hear about how they live, and things they like and dislike. She can narrow down selections and sometimes choose if you are having a hard time. She prides herself on taking care of her clients, and this includes everything down to finding the perfect towel bar, or tile selection for your floor! Home remodeling Milwaukee projects require lots of little decisions and Sarah loves to help our clients through the process.


Any final thoughts from Back to Basics Builders Staff?

As a staff, we are excited to start your project. We meet weekly as a team and go over the next steps and where we are at in regard to your project and movement. Our staff is here to assist you with every step of this remodel. We will strive to give you the best of us. From pulling permits to getting the right people in to complete the work necessary is something we excel at. We can’t wait to hear about your next project, and how we can serve you! As home remodeling Milwaukee experts we strive to meet your every remodeling need. Call us today at 414-460-0075