No but we have warrants friend that job shadow yesterday and I have been told what. desperately hey if you get your 20 done will be at 50 by Friday 12:30 done oh you’re going to get your going to 19 done. trying to get 19 done what’s on your to-do 1 Kyle basement remodeling Milwaukee. your 20s use at home. those are the worst ones when you know you’ve got one more to do with the one before that is always like who needs cleaning again basement remodeling Milwaukee.

if you made mine go clean again I think Sarah and Joe would. yeah Sarah fry that she felt so bad this week. Sarah was like September at one point there was like we can’t lose Ryan she said but if he quits inside out like I don’t think he’s going to quit. you were there for a full year oh.  what was that when you’re going to go over that John doesn’t stop because you had said that meeting. dark combat. did Mark come back in today or did they are all just take off okay cuz I thought that they were like he was giving us a couple more yeah why I thought he was giving us a call couple hours off but then like yeah. freezer. Yeah. Oh I told OK Google guys over here and cuz it would what was here at Sarah saying something or shoots I think she thought ratings. One or something and I was like no it was just Mercy on Ryan Ryan told him he didn’t have to did you guys just take one of the work vehicles or. city of Warren would like none of those guys will drive the van as I got.

Mauricio drove it all the time. All the time for like or won’t lie I think he only drives his own car. and yeah I think your mom would want it does he really acquire hours of 8 and talk I’m sure everything yeah I think if we hired like one more person and maybe boot right now chow chow chow chow chow chow oh really? basement remodeling Milwaukee did he come in for one of those interviews resume Oh I thought look somebody new woman that they told me to come in. I thought that warrants run was fine the only issue then would be he’s Warren’s friend and I fake baby chatty oh yeah. working together but did they get as much done as I could have if they didn’t know each other. hear it the job show that got rescheduled for next week I’m curious out I don’t know if the guys like or not the guy who brought his kid into the interview John Jose now yeah I was working for Paul Davis. I was no did Brandon get a job you know Sarah said Jose wanted to get a job so he can help his parents pay off their mortgage and put money away for his sister’s college tuition are they really. at this point yes go find a job. literally my lazy cousins they all got stimulus checks and not one of them has ever had a job. I haven’t I didn’t get any of them and I was denied unemployment when I got fired.But when you like look at what’s in it sounds grody.  that was funny.

I like cops they have a Tiramisu flavored ice cream yeah or they have a dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake 1 yeah really see I love butter pecan caramel cashew might have to go to Oscar’s later I don’t like Hilltop that much all their ice cream flavors they taste gritty yeah I don’t like yeah I still at the fair life one was good cuz it was super creamy and it didn’t have like that gritty texture to it and yeah but. have you ever had those like yasso bars the Greek yogurt bars but it’s like that they’re mint chip ones are really good go to the grocery store they come in by the right by the Popsicles are like ice cream sandwiches kind of thing they have like I like the mint chip one or the chocolate chip cookie dough one’s pretty good.  yeah there’s only. Ice cream is from Sassy Cow Purple Cow it’s like a Blackberry based ice cream with white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips so good.  so I’m just going to kind of look at design inspiration on my phone. Right now is going to swing through. I want to get some magnets for fridge and I just saw I’m Instagram tired selling magnet frames for a dollar basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think I might have to go check that out sometime another designs version thing that I’m seeing on here is I see a lot of videos of different like spaces I’m trying to find a room to end of analyze basement remodeling Milwaukee. This is 1 so it’s picture that I found is on Farmhouse is my style old style living space has a corner fireplace was like in like the stonework was offered to the ceiling and has really tell ceiling. And then you could tell by the bottom right corner that there’s a curved staircase dark 1 Accent on a along with like a map black railing. Boring as I can voice color and there’s a defective double real quick nursing it’s just a little bit darker than the first row. Moving on to another space this is like a shower. You can tell that the flooring of this shower is different than the surrounding walls for Child. Link pattern I guess. I’m the next one next words like really just too much. It’s kind of overwhelming I really can go pick with pattern but this laundry room is bad for a an aluminum ceiling along with like a tile backsplash in green cabinets it’s just a lot going on in this laundry room and I think it looks really ugly and you shouldn’t do it basement remodeling Milwaukee.