Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Sticking Within Code Standards?

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Hello it’s a great day here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee thank you again for tuning in the great day we’re going to be talking about how our team can get it right a where a quality team and we can always get things right I know today I took a little break from the office and I went out to a restore just to browse and see what’s going on with the world today and how things are shifting and how things are looking for business and that the subcontractors World Home Remodeling Company here in Milwaukee we have Habitat for Humanity I’m not sure if it’s nationally-known but it’s a company here in organization nonprofit and what they do is they build homes for those that necessarily can’t afford them and it’s a beautiful thing that we have and it’s beautiful the city of Milwaukee so all in all it’s a great organization to help people and to make things beautiful but pet and took a lunch over at one of their restore is and what they do is they sell savage salvaged pieces and they they take a lumber or scrap and they build things with them and then they sell them or I’m whatever homes are demoing they bring out all of the materials and sell it in the store so a lot of these things are used and I seen some used toilets and it’s pretty disgusting but there’s a lot going on out there in the restore world you make it over to Goodwill cuz I got distracted with some new items that the restart had and then they’re selling some pillows and some sheets and my kids for some reason both of them decided that they were going to potty train at the same time one is 7 and 1/2 some really confused by this I obviously didn’t get it right the first time today so a I want you to know that our team can get things done right we’re here for you right here for your remodeling needs were here for specifically your basement remodels and it just makes me really excited and I look forward to all of us at I am love that I can just come in and work and have fun and I got to enjoy the weather today and it made me smile that I was outside in the sun and I love the sign oh my goodness I am so grateful for the Sun I don’t know of anyone else’s but holy Jesus cows when you live in Wisconsin and you get this cold fall and winter and spring when summer comes around you get real excited I just wish the weather man who get it right to it’s looking promising next week that are brothers going to get better Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here for all of your remodeling project needs and aren’t even true Liam equality have a great team that can work together and then provide great quality Russian Barton I get it right sometimes between you and I but thanks a lot I’ll push in once in a blue moon but who doesn’t spellers our team has great they know they know that they can get it right the first time and sometimes when you’re having just one of those days we make mistakes we knew we’re all human we’re all in this together I don’t know how you feel but I don’t know how I feel sometimes when I just don’t want to do things and things are super annoying and frustrating and God is here just having a rough day of the spins my head has been spinning send 7 this morning I don’t know why good no that’s not hard as a rock last night a no disturbance whatsoever it was quiet me and the baby slept real good cuz we got it right we lacked everybody out of our room there was no phone ringing there was no computer on there was no checking boards while I’m sleeping there was just pure silence and it was great sometimes you just got to get it right get it right at that’s what we do we get it right who’s here to get it right get it right it’s great I love getting it right makes me so happy makes me smile I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee looking for someone to get it right and remodeling your basement right you want somebody in there the first time in and give us a call at is what we do and how we do it with quality not get it right I know Lord Jesus sometimes I don’t know how people feel about certain things but I’m trying to get it right all the time I saw a little table that I’m about to pick up this weekend maybe not I don’t know how I feel about it I’m definitely considering it a we’re here to help your dreams come true because we know we can get it right amazing so excitedyou know that I sure can’t get it right you know who can get a ride Jesus Jesus in your all right I don’t know sometimes I wonder where my life is going I get so frustrated I know I’ve been a little more and more frustrated and I don’t know I’m looking here At some foldable kitchen tables and there’s a lot of them a lot of little kitchen tables and I’m loving it I just love that there’s some fun stuff and kitchen tables aren’t I can get so many different ideas when I roam the internet I love it but when you are remodeling your home and making small updates you want to get it right you want to get it right the first time and I tell people this all time you don’t want to be messing around you don’t want to be screwing things up you want to have a kitchen tables out has everybody at it you want to have a kitchen table where people can be seeing you on the kitchen table people can gather and eat together and you want to space where you can create this you can create this beautiful space and everybody can be around and it’ll be beautiful you don’t want to space where it’s just ugly you want to get a ride first time Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you want to make sure that you all can get it right and get things done and get things moved out and get your space smaller and make things cute because that’s what women do they add cuteness to the space and when you don’t have their things get ugly home to start looking rough and that’s what they’ll come in and make things beautiful and cute and functional and you will make dreams come true It Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee so give us a call because we know how to get a right at 414-460-0075 you can also reach us at Back to Basics check this out let us know your thoughts that’s what we’re here for we’re here to help you today we’re here to help you get it right