Okay so here we are we are starting the week off right at basement remodeling Milwaukee I know they wanted me to talk about things were going to be doing so if I talk about it on the first day of say is we are going to somebody’s house earlier today I forget exactly what it’s for when I’m pretty sure it’s kind of a smaller job look HD oh no the answer your other one the big one the one at 3 in the afternoon is the countertop essentially we insert we have to take measurements of a countertop I’ll take a look at the plumbing and then we’ll see if it is you know Okay so he’s at the house hereAll right well I’m we just going to let her lead have to go look at that one, give me a call left which is unfortunate becauseI hope we can watch the printer now and see what’s going on here I’m going to call some leaves early this morning I’m just going to a happens because well then 3 leads is a good thing to have during this day temperature for today.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee personallyI guess I will keep looking yeah so we basically just to talk about how these things just got hung up on the wall and guess in the wall has 2 by 4 by 8 pieces of Lumber in there and they’re hung up by something you see the Baylor and then there’s also the probably not saying for Thursday insulation in between there and I put the drywall undo the studs if you look we got to win the contact us so I’ll give them a call does the 1 last name spelled it wrong what we say aerial perspective Center in Pilsen the name song there’s that I don’t know what they’re going to want to get either one a kitchen a basement or a bathroom okay so you are correct looks like they got some bagels from downstairs that’s exciting I’m just be the first one

I do today just because I do not know what else to do, it took me of 2 leads a call right after this after this sco just because that’s the best way to do it switch basement remodeling milwaukee dance so I guess we could see that there will be no to lunch and then I’ll leave half our early one day I’m hoping they can be like Friday or something I would hate to have to maybe but more just because but they don’t want me to you know today goes by and I would have stopped you right so here we go we also have Supino’s on Safari got three leaves that came in one from Facebook onto from the website because free estimates from the website or is it from Google not too sure but it just looks like it’ll have to be that the weeds are always pretty good cuz that means we could actually get paid somewhereLook at this one will see our schedule I’m going to look it up now we’re pretty busy for the afternoon today I’m tomorrow we don’t have as much you know if we have both you look 1 tomorrow which isn’t too bad and we could do it Thursday insert a Thursday afternoon every Thursday morning we could do it 11 I don’t really know what these are do it won’t even let me see it Basement remodeling Milwaukee so it’s nice to see we got three leads today so it will be interesting to see be interesting to see where we’re at I would have calls I got to make a little: see clear the skies at here I got calm 6 times I feel like I’d be a little ridiculous leave here so we got lead sheets we got a lot of stuff going on this is where we need to be there would be nice if I could be put underneath there I would like that I can put over here so I’m we also have We will be at this.

basement remodeling Milwaukee like every time is prices are higher tonight see where things are at if I go to the on Thursday Back to Basics Builders video with cuts 730 people in the next year I’m going to take a look at all their time with fireplaces which I don’t really know about that gas fireplace the bathroom one that I did is reached almost a hundred people is not that great but it’s looking pretty good nothing too crazy I really like the postmodern basement a lot of people love that post Homeland there is the you know the share that we get 85 people reached on the basement is pretty good on the 2000 on so we’re looking pretty good here on the food that my memories I want to golf last year at this day Overlook none there’s also video of my uncle 12 letter the nearest me with gray hair you’ll never see that again so that’s unfortunate I mean if we talk about we have a new person starting so see where they get on the see if they got on the checklist because I’m not to go through things over and over and over again message and then we’ll see where we are there I’m kind of getting tired of doing this one so we’ll see you press pause and we’ll go from there.

Basement remodeling milwaukee the things i know about building are nails and screws and hammers and screwdrivers and thinks like that that can hold up a piece of wood in a nice and small bathroom which can be pretty cool when it comes to building and lumber and installation or insulation there we go i finally spelled it right. Wow this might be an actual exciting week, that will be awesome because last week was incredibly slow and all of that stuff so who knows where we’ll be at at the end of the week, hopefully making some money money money.