You don’t get a minute cut who do you think you’re playing with I got the oatmeal with blueberries and all that and then some egg bites should be good I took long enough call I’m a little bit more enthusiasm page I’m counting she typing yeah under the table in a box where she can’t get out count to 300 please allowed do I have to go to one one two skip a few 99 100 that’s a good one Cayman beer are blueberries here. Yeah you’re supposed to cover basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ll keep an eye on you 1 Carlisle can’t see you from here good standing up there. Jacuzzi what’s with the gravel where does he live pretty clothes for me and Kyle are going today free clothes yeah that one yep oh okay I thought you know that’s where that’s where Kayla said when she lived out there her car was broken into like every other week yeah yeah we’re going at a pretty bad time honestly I’m taking your truck Sarah I am I’m taking your truck.

Okay we can trade cars for the night we actually last time I drove right there when I was driving out there someone like waited until the crosswalk said not to go to go it was like trying to get hit by cars trying to get basement remodeling Milwaukee insurance scroll meals not good oatmeal Quaker oatmeal is better than this all Wheels pretty good it’s just this doesn’t taste good highlight the banana I feel like this isn’t Ryan Deal single male appeal right I want to do about that wow.  text you the first time since I started I think we didn’t want to know that Saunders but those probably helps when you think the boss might show up right not micromanaging just enough to where.  all the time rightAre you ready baby Ice Age Ice Age have fun see you later seems likes he I would like to get her ThursdayGrandpa and Grandma boldGrandpa most of the time, like how she was with everybody like not like Grandma the address would be fun either.

oh my gosh Garden so you said he started this you started this basement remodeling Milwaukee business in spite I would have known that would scare me shoes that Criss-Cross I put one leg and I said I could make like possessed she’s like as a Blank Stare there’s only one kid this guy care now she wouldn’t she’s so nice she’s so nice.  Berry she’s pretty easy fruit she’s a little she’s a little like particular about her stuff but yeah mine went off to color see I told her not that she says yes I do I call Mike and I said I don’t know she called me a you don’t want any carpet though in like the laundry room in the bathroom and of course she still super clean in I like when I called her I said sorry about that make our looking at somebody’s house I said I will not need basement remodeling Milwaukee your house clean this Friday you know I did that right Sarah so that day.  right it was just me and I told her I said He drinks and such as like drinking it inhale that kind of Breeze and drinking Jose can slam a soda like nobody’s business and make sure yeah I don’t know what you all think we can do anything about that yeah I could be considered something like my sentries are at like 2:00 amp.

I don’t know how to deal with that either so like his are off at 9 or 2:00 amp. That’s not good I’ll still here basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ll still hear it from here and you will and yes you can have it yeah there’s not much we can do you think my poor ears. I got locked out I’m like what am I walking into she has the best camera Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan hey Scott how you doing Thursday or Thursday my apology The ferc I’ll. coming out so I’m we haven’t scheduled her quite yet, she was so I’ll give you a call here a little bit after I confirmed it before I say anything for her okay if you look at this will see that I don’t know what Frontier is with the with the on title itself.

What the pilots self-titled basement remodeling Milwaukee 2019 but it is something so they have a couple different colors of that but yeah I know that’s not a problem at basement remodeling Milwaukee all you’re talking about on the 5th so it looks like the plumber will be there on Thursday to take a look do you want to eat a good sushi when I’m bronze it is going all right I’m going to turn down the AC though cut if you would like I will see that we have a see you in the phone calls today wasn’t too crazy probably cost me letters in the see where at keep going on over this really feel like doing more of these I want to call some Realtors and see where we’re at there and just kind basement remodeling Milwaukee of I don’t know go from there because these ring 100 columns will see if how they going I don’t know if it was all that great and see what happens but other than that I mean I’m kind of worried about the call but that’s right I have a is it a problem it’s one of those that’s what I need to do.  no problem I’ll send you an email later today. So i do not really know how to go about getting this realtor added to my list but we will figure something out. That is something that i am going to do and figure out. That was such a crazy deep sigh when she asked to get her coffee but that is kinda funny i dont know if that is a word.