I am so I can do another one of these I don’t really know what to look up right now I know it just has to be on topic to what we’re supposed to be doing here so I can look up some buildings or something like that or things that will help us in the future with marketing and all that stuff I guess.  basement remodeling Milwaukee all right so if we go The nearest like well here comes 5 minutes of me trying to open up everytime I had up like a Solid 5 minutes every morning for me to get these up right yeah I don’t know but if we look when we will see that we have more building designs on this one has a shelf that got sticks out more than entertainment center it’s got to surround sound set next to it I’ve got the TV in cut out I don’t think it looks good though so cut the trim piece of the baseboard looks good on that one has white obviously it looks like a lot of these just have white baseboard and my cyst be the cheapest but so here’s ago I’m looking at basement remodeling milwaukee it this 4 levels to it there’s lights that dim typing this like them aside on the screen has huge looks like a projector screen but you know what 3 level select 3 couches and there’s a really nice table right behind the last college where people can also set everything it’s definitely something that can be really cool making it wet part would make it more expensive but it is what it is

I mean if you want something done right you might as well do it right but thirsty and going to the fridge here if I’m given table 2 and already has a lot of caffeine this morning but it is what it is I’m going to do about that all right I’ll be honestly at first it was pretty good it is what it is there scroll down to see more countertops with some pretty cool design chairs this looks ridiculous this is like around $50,000 of marble here probably oughta

Most people budget I would assume maybe not the best thing to assume when you’re talking about remodeling but basement remodeling Milwaukee if you look there are lights on the wall so pretty interesting fan in the bedroom the fan out of the bedroom also has some weight baseboards as well as trim pieces do I put the vitamin D on your desk you know I found it looking here I can take them but I’ll put them I feel like we can buy portable report like Advil and stuff like that I put one in there I hope we can keep them in the kitchen now and I just want to I’ve been taking it like that I don’t ever feel like down you know what’s funny is when I was in college I used to I used to go to a psychologist right and they talked about especially in the wintertime that was a supplement that he actually basement remodeling milwaukee recommended for that reason that’s interesting that you noticed that

I also good for working out too I red so at 5:30 every morning I get up in by 5:50 I’m in the gym that’s early enough cut I want some vitamin D all natural eye see I went to put these right in here I really know where else to put on a great year see what those go to open this up see where you’re at here I’m going to take one of these in to see people say vitamin D is good for you so I’m definitely going to take some vitamin D and see what happens but definitely is list I would not be able to figure out this is actually one of the smallest pills I’ve I’ve ever seen see how mean he can help here it is All right so we have if we look you don’t feel like it more home theaters this one’s pretty cool so the stairs have the Posters have these really cool I’m a 1 lighting into its these will Design things lettering and embellishments cost them they say is what they are but see make it put your favorite movies in that could be really cool thing to do Under the school shoe stand and do my buddy would like it it’s got you know it’s painted it’s painted white and then you can put all your shoes and display everything you know and then if you just keep going down I guess we’re out of ideas I’m going to look up page

Right now if I just look up streaming room ideas on the last people like to have that purple and blue light apparently that looks to be the most popular and they don’t look like an light but they do look like LED lights, no we install can lights into her clients homes and their basements but basement remodeling Milwaukee but if you look you know if you have a family room for YouTube I’m so there’s all that stuff I mean you two can definitely be a you know that ring light something that’s pretty expensive but you know we can also film on your iPad or phone with the ring light but it is a good idea make sure you get enough lighting because if you don’t get enough lighting special in your basement remodeling Milwaukee if you don’t get enough Lighting in there who knows what’s going to happen but I’m always thought about doing like a YouTube thing I just never really got into it that much on my would be kind of exciting not that oh my gosh I could find a very niche market but there’s not much that I could do besides that it’s a lot of these places just have those little cool light switch is pretty good idea I would probably do that too if I had to express see if they’re not that expensive.