Okay so I guess it’s time for this I just need to know what time this guy supposed to be where he’s supposed to be at 1 to get chili cheese Style already chili cheese flavored or something out first one s’mores pretty good.  oh yeah I definitely need that thing to cool down because that birth my tongue right off that was supposed to say hot dog and we want to eat for dinner on my own for breakfast I can have those egg things or lunch it doesn’t really matter that’s all eat for dinner I’ll have the don’t be sick for the past 8 Portobello we look at my house that’s right now and then we can see where we’re at basement basement remodeling Milwaukee all those pretty flowers all the last 4 really loud for me

we’re 15 cartridges I’m too bad I had those up either just a sausage that I got to eat it’s pretty hot Over the fact that I can eat them and they’re pretty good I do like Ali faced I’m going to have to start looking up tips on how to ge see that’s probably going to be a problem becauseof Keto because I They always seem to be plagiarized song. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I will have to go back tomorrow because I didn’t answer yet pretty good I don’t know what kind of cheese is in these things but that’s all pretty good.  not want you pretty good until 4 and then it really should in all seriousness I don’t really have time to we have a break to go in eat lunch I mean I could but generally I really feel like doing all that I can do I can do a big mac salad that be pretty good what do I never got an answer mark I never got an answer from you what time is that did you make it by 8:30 are you smart that can come up the office we’re going to be working right here 8:30 I use those exact words okay all right basement remodeling milwaukee that’s all I want to hear and see what rat call this guy I call him see you around hi Donna this is Ryan from Back to Basics Builders I know we were scheduled for a job shadow tomorrow the address that I gave you we’re not going to that address anymore and I also at the same time if you could be at the office where you did the interview at 8:30 working on something in the outside of the office so they would like you to Shadow for that project I’m like I said at the office at 8:30, if you could give a call back just to let you know let us know you got this message and be appreciated our number is 414-460-0075 thank you all right.

Boy All right so that was that see what else we got here we could go 2 batteries only at 44% right I’ll have fun.  basement remodeling Milwaukee, but it like I said I’m we could go to I could look up project Rock gear and see where we’re at their we could look at the apparel on the see where we’re at here I’m his new shoes I don’t know exactly how I feel about the new shoes that he’s got I mean there they’re pretty cool. They’re in $5 or so on this is the new color though when I have is does the Halo grey and black on purple apparently I’m the all way too cool in the green ones are awesome but not get the green ones then there’s the iron Paradise shirt is pretty cool there is the sleeveless hoodie which is kind of what’s the definitely something that I like to see that is sold out they said I don’t really understand the point of the sleeveless hoodie this is a cool at cut off on a guy like the skinny straps icon would get that that’s $35 so it’s actually not that bad of a the shorts I don’t understand off words of $55 Sage but anyways.  basement remodeling Milwaukee make here though there is women’s project Rock

I know stuff probably just came out but like these leggings are so cool David small you don’t get after it’s kind of a cool shirt then like I said that project Rock would have been cool this shirt is really cool I don’t really know if my girlfriend would wear it but I think it’s cool I’m there is a new sweatshirt which is really cool I would love to get this sweatshirt however it’s only in white and black that’s what your is really cool I think the I think the black and orange one is the coolest one that there is like I said if you look at their what is it DC Rock shorty I don’t know what that means but if we keep looking at the at the screen you know that’s for sure I guess I was really cool to have that you have that hat with your love ISO chill sleeveless.

I think it’s just like a socks are awesome I will definitely get some of these stocks but I was blue socks that’s probably not the best investment you lend me like $13 it’s not that bad on the Brahma Bull short sleeve shirt I don’t know if I own this one but I definitely would I think that’s where it is super cool basement remodeling Milwaukee.  see you like this sweater is really cool it’s just for like always it says if we just keep going down we’re starting to get to the older collection like I said those those green shoes are really cool that shirts cool I mean there’s not really much I don’t know what rumbles words are supposed to be right so we should be basement remodeling milwaukee good on this one will just keep them a check in the sky.