Wow what an interesting title I just did for that one only problem is I definitely need to eat the snack and I’m just so hungry right now is ridiculous oh my must have burned too much caps this morning and I wasn’t used to either way though I did still lose a little bit of weight. All right so I don’t really know what else to say oh yeah we are going to the exciting I don’t even know why it’s got a yeah I’m actually potential expansion draft players exciting I don’t even know it’s not  I a okay Just stopped working for no reason but basement remodeling Milwaukee.  okay so we go down we talked about Calvin de Haan for Colorado Ryan Graves is a defenseman that they think that they’ll pick up is pretty good plus minus guy a good Defender was not much about him very good pick up for that we probably first line defensive, I don’t know if I’m cooking this other place for Columbus guys does an average yeah he will be a back line to 5.

Columbus we have basement remodeling milwaukee a knock-knock on this will be cool if they give us like Patrick Laney or something but there’s no way that they would do that I’m for Dallas they think the goalie Anton khudobin is an older guy but he is coming off year was one of the best pickups in the league has good quality start guide also no issues there you be home from Detroit they’re saying spectacle of who all over that is Sputnik off all I want be like the good one though but there’s no mess to call viz who they think that they would pick out the first round picks 28 never really has been the score of the people thought he was going to be so you know their first year Caleb Jones is defensive player he’s also pretty pretty average we still young so there’s still a lot going on there you don’t get some minutes right away and who knows maybe Panthers I know no licras the name I don’t really know that.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee there is a see he was a what Center scored 20 goals in 2019 so the potential is there always good defense actually I’m so he’s a God that you would like to see play so it’s good to see that though from the kings. That doesn’t think you’re going to jump in a quick anymore cuz I don’t know I also agree I think that there are players that are better but Kayla clog was a twenty-three-year-old defenseman in a big score guys’s young player doesn’t have that much experience I can add their farm system that.  see the wild after Jordan Greenway who did the left he’s averaged right he’s a left Winger 24 Title 24 points 28 points 32 points which isn’t bad, he’s pretty physical player so I won’t be upset with Jordan Greenway I think the players pretty good they can’t look at baby Scrappy team with a good defensive team on for the Canadians they have go leave the seat from the Canadians are typically Jake Allen who the one-time basement remodeling milwaukee Cup winner which she wanted as a backup with St Louis so you know there’s all that going on but either way still break a player they can speaking of that Jordan binnington

I know he did so he still good is not much about him to say other than that he’s good you look next I’m from the Predators Ryan Johansen will be the guy and you definitely just step right in and be the number one option they cost to get Matt Duchene fighting Duchesne as a contract sold you that great to get I’m Joanne since it’s been a good player for a while we got a better and presents but it was a good defenseman he’s as good all-around player preferably would I rather have to Shane it just matters on the money but not really duchene’s a little bit more injury-prone is the highest high speed guys are better Andrea’s johnsson would you the pic there, I don’t really do much about him like used to play for Toronto I’m in 2018 he did score 20 goals so maybe I do remember all these kind of not really been that great of a player so he’s awfully just an expansion draft guy remodeling Milwaukee.  nope basement remodeling Milwaukee okay there it is 9 wonders we have Josh Bailey to beginning who would be kind of fun clear he’s definitely basement remodeling milwaukee goalscorer you give you a free singles coryzal bit older but you never know I think he could still get it done what you become exciting to see I mean there’s some good players that we be getting tween coffee are for the New Jersey he’s just a young right winger 21st overall in the 2016 expansion draft see much of him as a big physical right winger

the Flyers James Van you get bored check would you be really cool I would rather be a phantom or check pick but he’s probably worth too much money all we missed Ottawa Hulu basement remodeling milwaukee Brown gross 11th overall pick in the 2016 draft though at one point he was a guy to get excited about but van Riemsdyk will be the good guy here’s where he still been scoring music score I think that’s one of those things that they don’t want to be without I’m like when it comes up or check he’s a great passer right great playmaker but I’m he’s 31 and the cap hit of 8.25 and if we would get ran the answers Riemsdyk a little bit cheaper we still get playmaker but he’s most of the Eagles score. Wow i still need some but it is not a crazy amount it just is what it is which is kind of funny at this point in time.