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Good morning all what’s new with everyone I cant begin to tell you how excited I am I got a call from my sister and she is going to have a baby come June so our summer and spring will be filled with baby stuff I am so excited to be an aunty I am the oldest and I already have two babies of my own and am happy with our home and little family so when my sister reached out to me she sent us a pregnancy test it was cute then she had a doctor’s appointment and then everyone knew after the first trimester she is so excited at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to celebrate life with families and we love to build nurseries and we love to build new playrooms and we love create an extra living space in basements to add space for larger families my babies are two and seven my peanut is very verbal and willing to explore new things my seven year old not so much he was working with two word sentences at two and a half and still attempts to communicate with short phrases it took some time for us to help him communicate his needs and his wants it also took a lot of patience at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have an open line of communication and definitely an open door policy if you are experience a lot of change during your remodel and have faced many obstacles you are offered multiple opportunities to discuss those with us as my kids grow and I see the changes I get very happy two weeks ago my youngest was able to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich and he was able to our cereal and milk and open a can of soda with lack of fine motor skill these have been huge accomplishments in his life and we celebrated with a can of Dr. Pepper and peanut butter jellies for dinner my peanut well she has learned to dress herself and pick up her toys so we had a five minute dance party that night with her belle princess dress on loud frozen music and a karaoke machine we built a stage with the stools in the house she was a star that day I remembered why I live why I wake up and what keeps me at work at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here to celebrate every point of accomplishments we will celebrate paint we will celebrate flooring we will celebrate the completed remodel we love to grow with you and your family and we love to see the huge impact that your new functioning room adds to your home when I say that we get it I mean we get it we understand a whole lot that families need space they need alone time they need comfort they need a play time they need time to celebrate they need moments of joy they needs to overcome they need unity and sometimes that simple remodel will add all of the above including more love and compassion within your family I love that back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee can add life and restoration to a home that once was just a house that housed but when you can come in and hang your heart you have accomplished a lot you have overcome you have been motivated you have put another day behind you and you can be with your family.

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Lay your head in a warm pillow and cozy with your family my seven year old loves our living room he enjoys his soft pajamas and cool movies and hot chocolate on a snowy Friday night he does well to earn those days he will sacrifice other rewards to have a snuggle day I am learning this child cannot stand to run weekend errands with me and is simply rewarded with hot chocolate and movies what are some of your family traditions how do you spend time together what do you enjoy most about your home what are your favorite past times memories have they faded have they become more frequent has your stress increased or decreased homes can have a huge impact on all of the above memory making family growth stress and life events adding space and remodeling a basement has added recreational space special event and entertaining space it has also added a space where memories are created kids can play study laugh and run it is also a space where parents can study read enjoy quiet time fold laundry or it can combine any of the two where kids can play and moms can fold laundry where entertaining and fun take place basement remodels are fabulous because they can be multifunctional and serve many purposes at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will discuss what your purpose and functions are for the upcoming remodeling project and we will put together your vision and we will make it our labor we will come in and demo then rebuild your dreams will become our goal and we will support your growth the entire way through the remodel in June I will be an aunt and I cannot wait little bundle will be here he will be strong and mighty he will be the best little boy any one could ask for he has been planned he has been prayed for and he has been a miracle for my sister who was told she would never carry a child baby liam will be here soon to celebrate life with us and I cannot wait just as we are celebrating life we love to celebrate your life events including your new remodeling give us a call at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee 414-460-0075 and we will work with you discuss your new remodel dream plans and goals for your new space call for your free estimate and take the first step in celebrating your new home once we estimate your home we will look forward to your proposal and signing then we will all move forward with your project and will make it truly a wonderful experience.