So we have this one to prove it I told you a few more of these because I got nothing else going on Movie Max SMS if I basement remodeling Milwaukee can say that we if we can hook up to you insert a small bathroom small bathroom remodel ideas in see what’s going to things people have any small bathroom does orally mean.  are leaving cheap however forward to give me but happy small one right here I’m pretty much all they do is update the vanity of vanity that we would get from what they call alone Affinity people with your kitchen cubes and there’s a square bin theater Square sink for the vanity than the faucets are black I mean I feel like a lot of people they remodeled it a try to make it look nicer by kind of sticking with the neutral colors of the gray as blacks and whites.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee did not update. So we have that look at this as well we also have but actually it is like the big tiles it would be a small bathroom but it would also be very expensive hump me this is a small bathroom double vanity has a walk-in shower with no divider and I know he’s one of our door there so it’s that special on toilet the tiled showers always look so cool however they are a lot more expensive but it’s one of those like that you some people just do unless another one with the really cool tile that’s really cool gray tile look happy happy double shower head but it didn’t I don’t really know when people do that list places to eat around on there.  hotels around and things like that so add toilet paper holder towel bar which I don’t know I find a $200 towel bar so we can go into the conference room grab looks like ibuprofen in here they’re just allergy relief and then bunch of protein backpacking. We basement remodeling Milwaukee just go back to the this remodeling situation here I don’t know we happy pictures of a budget small bathroom ideas with like that there’s a with low budget but the tiles around Google’s kind of just like here it is like a DIY whatever I don’t really believe in that either here’s a small bathroom so he’s pictures are great but next item looks like people think it’s cheap but just like one of those Standing Room tubs with your huge pretty expensive.

Look up this how much is 1.0 this person that she’s laying down lvp which looks really good battery title 42 lvp here’s a $2,000 one all they do is they bought a new vanity looks like the old ones pictures the same size 100 like a weird voice right there when your baby like that so before the 4 stay the same so that’s one of the big ones the vertical bathroom I like healthy shelves match the vanity in the Finish there pretty cool other than that there’s not much going on this is some of the tiny bathroom essay it means you I’m a mother with a shower there as well as a toilet almost want to just enjoy the basement remodeling Milwaukee Kennewick School the toilets like always been a lot of money at night I’m see this one really like I think this thing is going to buy take me to get to design elements but nothing else really I mean this one there is but I’ll This is one of those look at it will be a small kitchen.  however color Snowman free go to Ministry smaller than mine .

I was just kind of showed up  this one will see that If we look at the calendar for the rest of the week if that’s why we have Sweetheart me tomorrow morning a few minutes away I basement remodeling Milwaukee worried about that one I mean I will be within the budget but they’re half out to a full bath and might cost a little more because we have to all we have to do them along and a day.  can I find I don’t know if I should bring my child to it on the background on this Bisbee logo for the business there what’s going on contacts I don’t understand I know you’re nervous I’m supposed to do for a week but I just had it done today since he’s going to for me tomorrow morning to go to the estimate and then Americana can I rent see what happens because move forward with the project.

The Proposal that we set up for basement remodeling Milwaukee tomorrow will be all formation is at 9:30 so if you look at Truman proposal I’ll just text him to remind him to text us going to say home 5761 I believe in Steve By 761 All right I just texted about the proposed appointment the next one will have to be think of it as what 8 and 1/2 was the what’s the expressman appointment I wanted it and then there’s the reassessment on Thursday there’s definitely an estimate text tomorrow and hopefully on Friday we don’t have anything so I won’t have to worry about that and I’ll just really wear sweatpants and you basement remodeling Milwaukee know kind of go from there in see where we’re at. I think I’m right under its peel a little bit but it’s really cool and it makes me different one of the things I like to think about we’ll go from there maybe keep this morning clear end you see what happens. Just because a person has tattoos that does not make them a bad person i am here to make that stigma extinct and show people that someone really nice can have some tattoos and still get along with people. I feel like it does not really matter whether someone has or does not have tattoos especially considering my brothers picked out these tattoos.