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Hello testing good evening it’s great here at Back to Basics Builders I wanted to talk a little bit about some opportunities that we may have coming up here. I know that we are focusing on a whole new upcoming exciting ready to go business-type details. Basement remodeling Milwaukee,  is a place that has started approximately 6 years ago and it’s a place that focuses on character it’s a place where we love to come together and it’s a place where staff can enjoy each other’s strengths. has focused on some different texture Styles in the past couple days and moving forward I want to mention that I take trips to home stores throughout the weekend so that during the week I have an easier time thinking about what to discuss. I remember walking into the home store and there I saw some scary Halloween decor and not too far away if I Christmas decor. I feel as though covid-19 including retail. as I sit here and think about the different things that I saw over the weekend I wanted to focus on accenting and accessorizing. I know some people like to add color to Accent certain Decor in walls and complementary is almost the word you want to use when accenting. Accessorizing is adding to to make something look great I don’t necessarily know if there’s a huge difference between the two but as I was walking through the store I noticed pillows. Basement remodeling Milwaukee  as I walk through the store I went aisle by aisle I promise you there’s probably 60 different Isles at the at home store. I usually read clearance racks and look down below the tiles for the 50% off deals. I also use my rewards in my points to make prices lower than what they actually are. So as I was walking I noticed a few pillows and a shelving unit that displayed $20 or less. Not one pillow was $20 and that one pillow was less than $20. I love that pillows can add texture to a room however I still don’t understand why pillows are so expensive as an accessory to a room. I don’t understand why. I do like big fluffy pillows and I do like the square pillows and I like the round pillows for my back but why are pillows so expensive? and I’m not sure I understand either the process to make them but the reason I want to buy them to be the expense. are pillows overrated are pillows overpriced? I pondered the thought of going to a second hand or clearance or a wholesale and I did some research and let me tell you it didn’t know how. There are people in this world who are selling pillows from their house at full price if not there may be a $5 difference I’m Black Friday I can get my pillows for that price. has taught me to be patient in to be kind. I love that moving forward I can do great things at basement remodeling Milwaukee. I’m excited to learn about pillows and Elaine love big fluffy pillows and I love different shapes of pillows I like adding different texture to a room with different materials on a pillow. however I still feel that pillows are overpriced. so where do you put a pillow I put and pillows on my bed I only have four pillows on my bed I have the pills in the Sham and I have my pillows I sleep with my children have pillows on their bed my little guy usually has two pillows he has a pillow sham and as a pillow then my daughter only has one pillow and moving forward I know that are sofas have no pillows. can walk you through the process of where to put your pillows what textures to make your pillows where to order them from why we should order them from certain distribution centers. is also open to you making decisions and going with different products other than what we have suggested. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is an understanding company that gets it. We don’t want to look the same as everyone else we don’t want everybody’s home to have the same basement. We celebrate individuality we celebrate difference at we get excited to create new basements. A we love to add comfort to your couches interior home with texture in mind. We love cohesive rooms that can come together and provide functionality for a family. is a great place to join in and get some great Nest including a free estimate. Basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s fun it’s a place to join in and do great things so call for your free estimate today at 414-460-0075 and we can get you started with your free estim you have any questionates. has always done great things and considers to do great things always. will always be there to support every customer we will be there to help customers need we will be there to continue with greatness for all of our customers here at Back to Basics Health Harris. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is a place where you will always find comfort in knowing that you were home we’ll be textured in the liking of your desires. if you have  any questions feel free to reach out anytime we’re here to help you with your remodeling project needs. is always on board to help you were always here to help one another all you have to do is reach out and we’ll be there for you. You can schedule your free estimate today and we will move forward with your remodeling project needs and we will definitely keep in your home cohesive Will adding Comfort to the texture.