Everyone over 170 rate in Friday afternoon and I hope it was it received right back to your families today oh girl I am tired today you know it is Friday the 16th and you know we have a lot going on this week and I just got back from basement remodeling milwaukee  Florida this weekend it was a fantastic time and it was a fun time and I’m going to play some baseball down there and enjoy the nice weather other than that we did have a tornado down there. and it was kind of eventful you know it was a fun time I will can’t wait for next year when I go down with the bodies as well and have a good old time again you know it’s one of those things where it’s got a great time with a lot of different people in different strains to have and it was quite interesting and quite different from past tournaments and things wrong with science.

Do you know there’s a lot that go inside is your base Riri by walkie go back and read what to do there’s a lot more to go get a lot more to do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and all we do do you want to talk about a lot of different things aspects to projects and once had something to do here actually don’t do anything like this but you know we going to talk about it because it’s picking up a lot lately with a lot of different clients include things and we just want a discuss it over a little bit and give you an idea of things you can do with it. Additions really. Discussing additions to one’s home and that is what is going to discuss because first editions are very expensive and very different from an extra loud self all remodels or diversity Khalid on the inside the home or completely outside the whole house is part of a remodel cuz you have to redo part of the how to make fairy clothes in cold sides together we do here is an interior work and we don’t do the extra work in editions would involve exterior work because you need to set it up outside in and make sure all the science taking place in all the walls are done and done properly

where they have insulation they have the windows if you need a little aspects of that lines and the two completely different Eastern self I’m different type of job in different type of work. But here at basement remodeling Milwaukee like I said we do interior work and obviously people know we what do a lot of basements and stuff like that where we’re putting up the walls and stuff from a different standpoint where the walls already there was adding on to that wall making sure it’s not the exterior wall or any on front exterior wall and not the an actual interior walls with take down drywall if it’s there and put up a different wall whether it’s not that we use different studs depends on the wood that I and stuff behind it it’s some probably I was we can use it. We have to redo it take it apart and do stuff like that and you know editions is something like that work get to be very precise so it’s like building a home all over again and you have to make sure all the siding on correctly because first of all that’s not directly at least from the outside work as well as another aspect to think about which I will get into more here in shortly is the different types of siding. So when we do this weekend everything when it comes down to make sure everything’s done properly that you want to make sure this time probably cuz otherwise you have spending without more basement remodeling milwaukee thousands out thousands of dollars to fix everything you don’t want to do that and the other than that.

You know and I was discussing siding you know when you do it editions you have to have a say have the side anyway you want to see material as the rest of the house usually well if you just recited your house hopefully you have a lot left over and you can get that stuff still because otherwise your house will look completely different cuz most of the time you don’t find the same siding that you have currently, you can do nothing wrong it’s right I want to see easy but it’s not difficult either it depends how new you just did the siding and stuff like that but you know if you’re looking to keep everything the same incoherent mixture through the house looks what’s the word I’m looking for here besides the same but anyway it is very nice to have to make sure you are planning that properly and doing it correctly because you know here basement remodel Milwaukee is like any other job we need to make sure everything is done properly everything is cool inside correctly

And looks unique and the same at the same time meaning that you know if we have to go into the wall and that was a different color than the rest of the walls you know we we’re not going to have to find that same color paint before and you know so we don’t have to repaint that wall up there ass be anything done you know for example of a client has a ceiling it part of the ceiling but we can’t just fix a hole that’s there and not and leave it because it would be a different color than the rest of the rest of the ceiling to be at the painted now and it’s a big deal but it’s just something to look forward to you know then we have to find a different shade of white and make sure it’s all going together and properly taken care of here at basement remodeling Milwaukee here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.