All right so if we keep going. I want to get a few of these done today that should work and I probably could realistically get all six done today but I don’t really feel like doing that we’ll see I’ll get you know maybe three or four done and see what happens after that because there it is what it is if I had to take a look at the text I got one that says that means we’ll see what the see you won’t even register that basement remodeling Milwaukee.  keep looking to look at the messages we did going oh yeah this is my breakfast as my buddy I was like I got what see what else we got look at the email I got last night Monica witi for her final payment might be call it will be calling you should be today she told me she just was like well cuz she wants to pay over the phone awesome I’m sure so sweetie put it down.

But yeah she’s just like she’s outside what’s the best way to reach you tomorrow as like I gave her that cell number I said you can also call here but.  said she wanted to walk through her place before she paid basement remodeling Milwaukee.  Mark wants a workout you have time for me are you going to set up first Grillo I guess we can look into these Sports World last night I don’t today Team USA plays if we look at these sympathy soccer schedule I want to see the seagull video window I’m going to tonight see what it’s all about story see what things that I can where can I eat there I guess lunch specials for nothing that I can have and then she said and then today I think after she talked to her husband he wanted to keep it under 3 but cut out what to do so are there anything any cost to think for one guy or two guys what’s that in two hundred bucks to 4 soccer schedule for today we will see which games are you playing where they’re going to be playing my no Team USA has to play call Conte Allen Masonite Ballon d’Or the word for football players like the best player Messi wanted last year old trick.

Good Griezmann time to go anywhere for Real Madrid it’s a tough award for people to win 2nd Place tickets paste in war between Messi and Ronaldo every year baby love you really can we get rid of anything but if we go to basement remodeling Milwaukee we can see that for the schedule today the US play Honduras semifinals as well as Mexico versus Costa Rica This Isn’t Our World Cup qualifying but it says they want they think the us is going to win that they should make it to the finals but that’s see who is who is Honduras ass hopefully the US 1 Sales why would I say I drop my price from 45 to 4 new bullet 45 why was I supposed to say latest wall oh I told her I’ll give this is what I told her 4504 this room to look like to adjust Carreras en can want to do duct work but that looks like the guy that’s coming in the Mexican national team I think he is a midfielder yeah so he’s not a big see FIFA 2.0 rating might of the Goldie’s good Defender you kind of like an all-around good player I’m taking her tonight let me see see where we’re at I will be at Tom so tonight so tonight Suns play the Lakers on the Lakers need to win as well as the Blazers need to win cuz the Nuggets won so I’ll be a tough series The nothing box or just kind of chilling inside line so let’s go to MLB scores because that’s usually the best 1 all the games and gives me something to talk about like basement remodeling Milwaukee.

if we keep going let’s just go to who plays today how good it’s going from yesterday’s games all right so the Cubs beat the Padres they are just running away with the division right now I don’t even think they do that good but guys like Javy Baez are heating up Anthony Rizzo had a great game yesterday as wisdom guy still hits all the time so guards deciding to be good player italics in table tennis what’s been carrying them in Wilmette 4 Innings which is interesting I wonder if he got hurt or something for San Diego it looks like Manny Machado 144 looks like.

He’s had the day off so I’m the Mets beat the Diamondbacks Edwin Diaz get his temp’s even though I do like Edwin Diaz so it’s cool to see him bouncing back a Francisco Lindor probably had his best game of the season he went 3 for 5 and he scored two runs all singles basement remodeling milwaukee  but that’s good for him something Peterson pissed he had one out and what that’s all about some Sebastian Lugo I think his name is Google she’s generally used to be pretty good for a while but now he’s kind of just average see Edwin Diaz do you know you got 322 e r r a v to get a stunt save Joaquin Soria got the loss and we think you open earned run but if that game went into Extra Innings which I think it did that will mean that Carson Kelly went over 3 with seat if you want to get a good game size generally very good player the word Alaska bar 1144 Christian Walker 144 pretty good game all around for the headers Madison Bumgarner had a hit and an RBI he did very good hasn’t for a while and that’s pretty much the Glendora is really heating up I’m going to look up his number is because music I like basement remodeling Milwaukee. He’s a guy that I do cheer for cuz he’s a good teammate and all those things I just she’s really struggling it cost it’s it’s not fun to see a player that good struggle like that so okay I don’t know why I did that need to know those two games sorry baseball reference note see since his last five games he’s got nine hits than 391 so looking up there.