I’m so testing testing. I thought thought I made just get another one down today I hope you got some time to kill so I thought I’d like instead of just like sitting here like totally something that might as well tomorrow see how soon I guess. I mean if I can get laid down. I that be kind of nice if I could take it easy another day baby basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And like maybe I could still header goal of like 30 this week would you be incredible I think. Meet my goal is to get 30 every week just because like ultimately like that benefits myself in the company. So that’s kind of why I’m thinking like I mean if I have some spare time now I might as well just kind of like put it to good use. I saw I think like my if it is already going to kind of go through on its website. Guess I was going to come up with go through their website right now they have a home decor sale going on. And how you can get 1% off of anyone item so I think that’s really nice. Actually you suck about over the weekend cuz I needed some things like old Nikes by the front doors I like. That words off my list. But on my we are still looking for some black wall art I think like I really want to get the walls like decorated before I get like other stuff I feel like just because I feel like having stuff on the walls is just going to make it feel even more homey then you know that anything. So I thought you were just going to look at like it’s called all wall decor. That’s like this like sexually as I chosen basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m so excited to have such to get together while the course help. Say maybe if I find something else all go with that. It’s going to walk out select there’s a couple places I want some stuff I want some stuff in the bathroom I want this like this one space on the wall and do it like me living space or really want to settle in and I also want some stuff for the bedroom like over our bed. But I think in their kind of want to get some Link phone up pictures of Lego some more of it maybe. Just because how can I like that idea. I really feel like the bathroom decorating I like two sets of like two two for like images. And there’s one on your call geometrica Wood cutout wall plaques. I really like that I think they’re kind of sense of their 9999 Verso by that I don’t think it’s really worth $100 in my personal opinion. But yeah I’m going to go and see if there’s a placket us pictures as home I think it looks really cool. I think it looks really nice that our space I just don’t know how to get some kind of nice because I’ve got those metal wall like hexagon shelves. I might look kind of nice if I put it over there basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Maybe I’ll see if it’s actually out the one in Milwaukee Okay I’m back I to go in together so quickly break. When I look at the wall decor actually I found the piece I bought one on Saturday. It says keys please and just more than like hang my keys. I could care less if it’s anything I just needed something that was asked to be ridiculously expensive to like you know whole my case. But like I feel like everything about Lily I like was like $30 and I’m not about to pay $30 for something that like I used to make myself I was just choosing not to. I also like have decided like I really want to put something on above are like microwave if there’s like a little right green Cherry I guess I can put something. I’ll new your family a cute little kitchen sign like this one says like a lot to eat I didn’t that won super cute text me on sale basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I go all day and it’s Sarah might have to cut out the bad person to have a $5 coupon or there’s a splint just literally said the kitchen. Right into that one might be a little weird I also like the idea of the putting a clock there. But then again it’s also like we already have like five things that say what time it is so like what’s the point of having anything in there that says what time it is. Just because we felt like the microwave to stove like at the coffee pot to call that sounds like what time it is. So like I don’t really exactly see a need for like another clock in there basement remodeling Milwaukee. Who knows and I also actually need to stop I need to stop at Target because I have a gift card there and so mighty there’s something in there baby to get. Or something. Just thought about getting there that was like $10 and I can’t think of what it was. So I can I need to figure out what that was I think of another thing for like the house. Probably would like to maybe something for the bathroom where I thought about looking for the go take plan or something maybe. I thought sweating like a planet and one of our like hexagon she’ll just like something to add some Greenery. But I don’t think out exactly act like a real one just because like I feel like I would probably kill real plant there so I think I would do that if you like my idea so now I’m looking at sexy this do with the cheap do fake plants at Target actually really cheap so I might get some basement remodeling Milwaukee.