How I feel these this one done. I’m going to be always like one of the one to do sometime today. But this one after the fair leaves basement remodeling Milwaukee. I am very excited for the day. We gone and done with I’m just because it’s been so break out of here by my apartment. We did choose to live there so there’s something that we did at the kind of think about if we didn’t think we should be like this crazy. And like not even just the driving in the parking see if there’s just been like a lot of crazy things happening around my apartment just with the increase of people. But just because there’s been a lot of people so I mean when there’s more people there is more like I said chances for Lake events in such things to happen basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Still like for example of and I mentioned it but last night besides taking my run outside to go to the bathroom we saw Coakley scars are really really confused like what they were doing and why they were there. And so of course I came to the Snoopy little laugh try to here like what was going on. Did you really mean it was something bad like we kind of wanted to know but for some too bad if I would have told us. But it turns out it’s kind of parked his car in the street like he was legally parked and it was parked his car went to the fair a couple of hours I believe. Cuz he came back with a friend of his and Link Zelda move stuff with them add down please would like waiting by his car waiting, waiting for waiting for him and his family showed up please so I told him that somebody actually smashed his window. I’m worse than you people live in our building and they said that they sell good because it’s hanging out around his car and they are just throwing stuff and smashes window and they ran basement remodeling Milwaukee. having a smash Windows never could because I mean the new like Jesus break and I’ll carve the windows smashed cuz there’s like one of those thing till I get into his.

But then so that I have been another was a couple days ago I was leaving the gym but it was Wednesday night like around like 5 or so I was leaving Jim and dumb it’s obviously the gym walking out and I was hoping to sleep these two police officers just going to roaming our Courtyard. With a little boy and I was really confused because I don’t read everything to try help 4 at the building I just assume there’s been a lot of new people who’d moved in Texas as soon as somebody liked associated with one of the newer people I don’t really know but so I can ask him if you’re looking for somebody your thing you can help with anything and they just said no so not really sure what that was about either. But then there’s just been a lot of people looking out in our Courtyard hang out in our facilities in and removed a couple times because like it’s usually there people where they can talk see different Affair just kind of wandered over there basement remodeling Milwaukee. Lily all clear pool has a gate around it is always locked and you can only get a few up one of our key fobs commands building.

I could definitely see that being like a bad outcome but then like the other night all of the new groups of people up working on for the weekend I think it’s like either I can go to do a two bedroom but I have seen these four guys can walk around and insert parts of a trigger for people with their of what two people if they’re whatnot. They seem to think the rules don’t apply to them basement remodeling Milwaukee. They seemed really really really young like move your legs off word juniors in college over the shore but our pool closes at 8 just for safety purposes or I’m not too sure what I hate is really clearly written that nobody’s allowed in the pool area they really should just lock the gate like even if you have to keep others just lock you out they don’t do that so people can still get in even at like 2 a.m. people could still get into the pool area if they really wanted to with your key fob. But these this group of guys they were like sleeping alone like all the pool furniture. Like I don’t know if they were trying to like deliver camping kind of thing or what their whole idea was but they’re all just going to bed out on there’s a really nice like Elton poolside lights You can reclaim them all the way backspace full down like flat.

It so they’re all just going to like hang out there sleeping out there. I think that they actually got caught because up I hope I have a nice morning. They weren’t there so I’m not sure if somebody they told him to get out of there if they are just a square themselves power but I know but they’re know there’s a couple other people I’m across the hall that are new basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then there’s a couple other people like on the floor below Twisted real go I haven’t seen any other new dogs how much we’re going to the merge dog owners. It’s either the result for the girls and we can just down the hall from us I recognized her so alone but she’s no. I and I don’t know what else to say other than actually start of the fares and be gone after today. I’m sick of the traffic I’m sick of the people I’m sick of it and always.