Great so I guess we can do one more he’s now supposed to get done in a little bit of time now we have when we see I have a Snapchat of the text on I guess I could look at that I would my story basement remodeling milwaukee from yesterday and I still pull 83 degrees is pretty nice right now little face myself we keep going home I would say I do I did the guy here cuz Mark about receipts didn’t really get any but they just keep going bring me to take out go get some more believe that they call about the mail permit they, the standard Jackson final inspection so Veneto I do have one see if I’m the emails I can.

the base Looks like I have no emails perfect basement remodeling Milwaukee there we go if we go to Rotten Tomatoes at see when I got here and I know I did review the review I don’t want to go for a movie I just watched this weekend which was Mad Max am I definitely did not like that movie I thought it was kind of just ridiculous I don’t know why it gets such high praise doesn’t make sense to me but I never really liked it good life Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw Croods I guess I didn’t really like that one keep looking at 12 Tom and Jerry was definitely the worst one I’ve seen in a long time we keep looking at one room was not a good movie I want to basement remodeling milwaukee go to a new movies that are coming out in theaters or when they’re coming out in theaters coming soon to theaters and see where we’re at their.  I want to see coming soon there’s after 9 June 25th and we comes out soon there’s that it’s getting a free regular pass.

Score of 67 by 27 critics who’ve already seen that means it’s probably just like all the other movies a new phone watch movie called that carry with.  never boss baby July 2nd it comes out and black widows July 9th I guess so far nobody has seen that movie Space Jam is July 16th on that movie will get a lot of reviews I sure love you we’re not going to like it but if you look at the first Space Jam them shirts you don’t worse than pictures look at the regular Space Jam movie light by Michael Jordan and.  basement remodeling Milwaukee 6763 Orleans Court 42% Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t that good of a movie is fun but it’s not that great I could write a review for right now I’m just saying like maybe this is just an entertaining movie and that’s about it.  I got some pants right there was safe to Orleans Court nobody knows what that is but.  either way it is what it is end looks like we have Liam’s going to be on the 70th and 18th are you still in here Mark when you going to learn just how to tuck point when you going to learn how to tuck point yeah what’s a good plan so like I said I’m there’s not that many liquor here these movies are all Hocus Pocus and 71% I don’t really get that movie this could be a 69.

could be a 16 of 100 see a Tourette and we can go to 60 I want to see what I could say I feel safe going up over and over I realized really Roberto nevilis all right as I got older still entertaining not very good in the sense of high scores giving out or the movie created purely out of all Joe spacing 13 and basement remodeling milwaukee funds in the movie I love this movie grown up her as I get older however as I got older I realized this phone was still this film is still yet not very good bring the Sun I am supposed to list. I could I said I would still never get the sense of Cinema it’s not in the sense of what makes a good movie good it’s a movie what makes a good movie good all right sweet Earth review for Space Jam on see where we’re all at here I’m sorry I didn’t think she recognized I don’t know what to say I can say what grey table 2 encapsulate I say are you able to provoke and adults Space Jam what green are you with entertainment for kids it is the same strap create animation Eastlake Right there we go so we did that it was kind of crazy.

Yeah it’s not that I’m worth all that see where we’re at right now you basement remodeling milwaukee could just go to Tom movies and just see where we’re at kids and family movies like would that be for top 100 see like Spider-Man into the spider-verse always forget that I look at the list all time purple under dramas Larry Bird is a movie I’d never lie I found ofI did see  well maybe I did never even seen that one before basement remodeling Milwaukee I guess I could say that right there because why not I will still have Thor Ragnarok which I think a lot of people like that think fans like that will be to some fans hate the most fans love that movie Guardians of the Galaxy is a very good one if I look at that one we have a 92 credit score in the 92% audience score back to basic Builders this is Ryan how may I help you I’m not may I ask who’s calling you why he’s not tala Market awesome I probably could have just said like oh no you don’t actually have to call that’s fine. Hopefully we are done for the day and this is the last thing that i am going to have to do, dude just drank the rest of that soda like a child. Call us today!