Hello hello hello. My goodness need to get some more coffee and me I think I’m just so tired this morning not sure what it is. Up Center disobey do it just like a busy fun-filled weekend. Next rest area Faster this is my third article today. Everything want to try and give at least five done just so that I can still hit the like the 20 that I need to tan this week basement remodeling Milwaukee. If I can get more done that be great if I could get to 25 this week I’m not sure if I will or not I might have to be releasing 6 down every day at 7 done one of these days. I know that I definitely do what I just need to get more like a motivation to get them done I guess.

From yeah so I just kind of table to organize. I really was a log off this magazine but that’s only the first two pages I realize I think I’ve actually already talked about this magazine. Which can I find other things to talk about these pictures and what not. But I think 1 biggest things people forget about When doing a remodel is just staying organized. But I feel like you should to organize honestly like everyday because it just makes it so much easier basement remodeling Milwaukee. But I know that sometimes things just get busy and chaotic copy this thing to do a lot of the time but yeah I don’t like things like Soulful for example this morning over the weekend I was here. I found an old item that they meant to return. And how do I go did show up did you owe you text it on later this morning.

No yeah I think you’re right but that’s age. Bold. Oh I love anything with like I like crinkle cut fries I like waffle cut fries steak cut from I love french fries age. I love burnt crispy french fries well that’s what mine just stopped typing all the sudden. but I don’t let I’m okay with sweet potato fries but they’re a little mushy for me or not my favorite thing to eat. we have a big bag of them in our freezer cuz Mason like something but nope I had to go fries this weekend Sage know what do you like them though basement remodeling Milwaukee. chips I was so I was so bad I want to it was a British restaurant I ordered that that was House made chips I got french fries and four what’s my life I don’t want french fries and want to chips since I was there a minute but I did not. tater tots and Canada do they call a hat a different word toke I think toque yeah 2 you were close that’s what the Canadians call hats what else to New Jersey’s in England a column kits I’m looking up at some other differences but none of them really make that much sense. so you’re going to Costco today. that’s exciting isn’t it?

I just want to figure out what I need to get from Costco though. I’m glad but I think that’s the main thing you just staying organized. I mean if you were to stay organized things going to go a lot smoother and you can’t really beat goes smoothly obviously. Oh but yes I would I like for a little while talking about we had fun to return it’s a big return. So now we got to repair door knobs that are you hopefully it’ll finish is pretty common so it’s not like it’s of unique item. Hopefully we have a client coming up that would still like to use the meeting. And imma give you some of that project and have them pay for them instead of us just kind of eating the money I guess. It’s like I’m a cheap door knobs and like I don’t know basement remodeling Milwaukee. My eyes are different things like if we would have stayed fault that if we if some employees would have stayed organized on that we wouldn’t have to worry about it obviously. And then we wouldn’t be out like almost $40. Another reason I stay organized just because of the more organized you are the more likely you are to finish and around the time you want. If you are staying on if you say organizing a type of things do you have like a list of what you need to get a list of when you should get it in order by then chances are you will have the stuff when you need it.

I prefer we make these agendas for a client with they have to pick out certain materials by a certain date just lent we are able to stay on top of things and up-to-date what not but it definitely helps when they fill them out because then when we order it we can assume that say for example of the shower faucet will be there when we need to shower faucet basement remodeling Milwaukee. Because a lot of stuff so I will take a little bit longer to order or like arrived and anticipated. And obviously we don’t want things to be taking like a super long time to get here because that’s just frustrating itself I totally forgot I was updating my Apple watch. Should I check to see if it’s upgraded or updated yet it literally has even started OS it all remaining. It just takes so long paste update. Driving me absolutely insane. I can guarantee you it will not be fully updated by the time I leave here today and that is so frustrating because I just want to be able to use it. But it takes an insanely long time for it to you just update enough for me to use it. But a while hopefully I’ll be able to use it by the end of the day that is the plan basement remodeling Milwaukee.