Yeah I know the electrician will give you a call back what time works best for you purple him.  no basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s yes you made it a little bit better yeah. You should answer that Blake number is going to have to flip to your number so he still got the old one yeah which one no this is the so Kyle still has for 214 this is the old phone okay don’t think so I think I’ll just keep the old number key for the old number and then I will the new number which I don’t know what you you probably could call the office phone no problem okay yeah.They were told Embark probably.

So you want me to show her on the new client checklist okay but everything else that she should know how to do right stop it the client folder is already made job sheets tablet you’re going to go through that with me anyways so but the create the job sheet tab is it updated do with her estimate More there we basement remodeling Milwaukee haven’t you want to do it that’s if you want to do that today the walk-through with Joe and project manager you don’t have to worry about the start date and time never we get that you just write that down in the dumpster which goes on the day it starts what is that a yes or words is so that’s just there what’s the fee schedules to go back what requires a permit we do need one go to permit in the left side permits forms and resources cuz she’s in Shorewood right yeah see if application for building permit and it should be it is there anything else on there or no bold actually there’s a basement remodel click on that well they’re not doing the basement remodel but I want to see information it looks basement remodeling Milwaukee different yeah I was just 2 building for a minute yeah I know we just always met a woman you mail them in with the the money they make date we usually pay after they give you the permit but you might mail it in with the building plans which are the drawings that Kyle Garden there’s not much you just call it a little bit of the permit.

You Know song see where at who’s Andy and I’m flooring Adam probably don’t need that no more all I can take it is this from whose is this Lysol Are you a lot of invoices to admin 2 play most of the invoices not from Dickens rauf I get them from us I get it from everybody but I haven’t never seen this one.  I can call him yeah you want me to call and then what’s the other one you said the one wasn’t cuz am n flooring sent me an estimate into admin too so that those aren’t those aren’t invoices Primo’s I think I did 3 Lowe’s Yeah which isn’t. it it in  an invoice they might just have both emails on file I’m so feeling at this one we will see that there is a invoice from Plumbing two teacher really my sister goes there Last text message hey Kyle is Eli Lopez art painter the names and what they do basement remodeling Milwaukee electrical panel what would you think that I got the panel and you just long long long time for all the people that he’s working on.

To have them oh really and we can’t get our final stand ceiling fans who’s that if it is there to make him the better or this guy is a better friend than this guy absolutely 1.1 we were on a 30-day net so he would pay him every 30 or if it would be a month-and-a-half because the DuckTales voice system they’re being told can we work out Panther.  it doesn’t rain does he is he going to be there interested it’s over look at that one we can see if I go to the So we have that if we look at the what was it what the  free easy fix I mean stop previous 1 if we look at that There is a fee look at the Monday on Thursday to estimate I’m so for that I just looked that’s all I need to do we need to get the.  end on SSI I don’t know exactly what they want but Scroll saw the one that 4 is the Menomonee Falls which means that there’s going to be a ton of traffic lately there has been so much traffic in Milwaukee I don’t really know why but it is what it is I don’t basement remodeling Milwaukee really know why but oh well it is what it is so freaking faces what to the update the numbers be nice to get image of the attention top 100 right now so I don’t know why I thought the way up it are you trying to say word right now jobber.

Disappeared Kyle basement remodeling Milwaukee the start disappear in live-action time It’s okay look at the number one Alexis Fournier.  it is really hard to pronounce I would say look at the number to Prospectors also a draft I would like to schedule next week and then there’s Lucas Raymond I’m good trying to prospect they said Lucas Raymond apparently the big guy.  okay I’ll be perfectly fine. He’s a guy I got you on Whoever has he’s a great skater his vision cousins is also the next time I have taken seventh overall I said in the 2019 draft Gotham strong skater the acrylic ever basement remodeling Milwaukee the office and then there’s Alex turcotte the best way Center 2019 Hunters Marco Rossi for the wild would you be pretty good. I do not really feel like listening to her again today but oh well i am looking to have a very fun and exciting weekend so we will see what happens and it is literally a question every time something happens it is as if there was no listening being done.