Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Where to Go Next?

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Thanks for tuning in again it’s great to be at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee as always I appreciate that you guys actually read some of these but in all reality and I am going home tonight to finish my daughter’s room I know I’ve been talking about her room from any article but this tonight around will be completely finished I get really excited when I get close to finishing a room my little guy he could use a little more. Color and he could use a little bit of how do I save us he could use a little bit more personalization in his room bunts I know that he functions better with simple things the less he has in his room the better it is for him and he just does great all-around and he’s fantastic he loves Spider-Man he loves Avengers he loves just life he’s just doing great things and it makes me happy that we’re almost done with all we have are window treatments for both rooms so if you guys see any Avengers curtains feel free to let me know I loved the Roman marketplace I don’t know if you’re aware but when I jump around this is the main reason I jump around rooms because I get on rummage sales in Marketplace and oh my goodness like a $35 table that would fit perfect in my kitchen but at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we I hear Room happened I guess you could say I love room hopping I really do because you can always find what you want Right away so sometimes I like to browse on these little rummages and I like to find what I might in a room and then I start decorating a tree and my husband get so frustrated at me and he tells me to stay off cheap websites because he has to always run around and do things he just gets frustrated doing them but I love it I am so much fun decorating my house with cheap stuff that and it’s really it’s quality but it’s a fair price and I will browse and I will find and I love it at there is absolutely nothing wrong with browsing and searching and finding things that you might like or just Randomness you know and I promise you it’s definitely my my crazy side of me just wants to buy everything out of marketplace and now they’re selling like Coach purses on Marketplace OMG and makes me so excited anyways I’m addicted to it I love it but at we I just really excited we’re super super excited that we can move on and do great things and I love that it just starts to feel like home and I know that seasonal decorator’s always have some crazy ideas about what they’re going to do in their homes and what they want to do and it’s just like OMG stick with it guys at we’re here to help you decide your remodeling projects so I know you want to jump to the next room but sometimes it’s worth staying in one room I know I hopped around quite a bit between Realms and I like to do two rooms at a time I know that I will be working on blinds for one room and curtains for another I know I need two sets of lines yet for giovan’s room and I really want him to have some good blinds at Back to Basics Fellers basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage you to keep looking for fun stuff that can go in your house and things that you enjoy to put together for your home and I know that I love the stuff that I get especially when it’s older stuff and it makes me so happy I’m at I know for sure that it’s room is going to be personalized to what I love and that’s what matters to me at I get excited and I always want to travel with my kids and I’m at a place now where I can improve my home and make it cute improve it and modernize it and decorated it to better suit me but then I can also do great things when I have my kids with me and they have vacation time and we can go to a hotel or we can go roam around Tennessee or we can go for a ride and enjoy another state and it really makes me happy that we can do all these things now and it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for God’s grace and his Mercy on my life to improve the lines of my children and the prayers that I put in and the prayer that I continue to have and that’s always take care of my babies and make sure that they have a home that they love and that they can travel with me and do great things with me until learn a lot of times people don’t understand but when you take kids in your tablet thumb and you saw only update your home and take care of your home you teach them blessings and you teach them responsibility and accountability and I love that I can just improve my home slowly I can do things like that and as I am prove my home we can improve our lifestyles and I love it I love that I can come and go and take care of my kids and it’s amazing how God works in such mysterious ways and I’m in awe of it all at I’m excited to be a part of a great place I’m that understands me that understands my status and my family and it makes me happy and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to jump start whatever it maybe just start your project get it going work on some rooms at a time work on one room at a time I know whatever works best for you do it. I’m going to put some salad hours this weekend let me tell you we’re going to be home my house is spotless I’m going to do my laundry throughout the week we’re going to paint my countertops and I am going to finish putting on the doors to you know the cabinets that aren’t complaining above my refrigerator and I’m going to take a gallon of paint and I’m going to paint a wall like I have a checklist at what I got to get through this weekend and I’m just happy to get through it and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and get your project started today