This is the last thing I need to do for the day other than that so I know what’s going on I mean I mean to make a few calls which I’ll basement remodeling Milwaukee do right around lunch time I get rejected but it is what it is everything else for me cuz I already know that when I do it.  copy doing it and then I might have to make sure that the right thing to the First Weber concierge list that we really recommended miso I never trust a living insert it looks pretty good thing these basement remodeling Milwaukee look like some fried donut looking things for my friend in Italy and preach what I saw on Instagram Center birthday cool again I feel like she thinks it’s cool but.

It’s really not annoying this guy is it mean 50 dunia sweatshirt with Coors Light Kansas redo the phone so we’ll see I mean I want to get that either but personal just sitting right in the rain I don’t really know why you do today interview if you look and see what the.  on the row put on the latest episode will see if they do have a new LCB seems like it’s just loading slow I do have one we can just see that subscribe don’t even know why last Sunday was the last episode we got if we look to see create a reminder to lose in wild things are the way they are I’m up to start doing these all day and just kind of Sprint basement remodeling Milwaukee overdoing it apparently we’re not having this what’s he’s asking for parking cuz he’s frustrated with a W show so while you’re talking to Joel We got a call from a lady so she had rain damage in her basement just needed some drywall fixed obviously we don’t do that I didn’t schedule it but she said she found this on the First Weber concierge list nobody recommended her she just looked on the last or whatever so late is it still okay that I didn’t schedule it cuz I know but that’s not even.  no cuz I was thinking about him like this even close to something that we do the reason why we’re doing it for that one lady you have in mind yes I am because I’m really close to something that we would do it won’t even be worth to go out for an estimate I mean I referred basement remodeling Milwaukee her to mr. Home Improvements so So.

I just that’s what I was talking about what you guys are talking at a lady call some water damage on some drywall in her basement and I didn’t really ask him when she said that I was like you know we are Remodeling Company so usually we dealing she’s a go well with already finished I said okay well I can I refer to mr. Home Improvements and I just real quick asked how she heard of us and she said the concierge list should I schedule it wasn’t really like a referral like she saw it online I don’t really consider that nobody told her to call us with like a First Weber agent told her to call us.  right and we’re thinking that she must look like rooms or something if she had one in like that sounds like I mean even smaller than Schultz insulting reason why we looked at it was cuz it was a beach referral.

I’d like to see mr. it looks just like mister speak it put Mr Home Improvements and not expect me to call Mister Home Improvements or anybody for that matter I feel like I’m fair to ask of me I’m sure I would think more most people with it when they look it up online how is everybody read it Mr Home Improvement what do you call a Kyle I think you called.  we’re she still angry at us probably basement remodeling Milwaukee what Sarah said she was mad yesterday cuz nobody told her that we missed her cut that sounds mad that sounds mad I’ve known you for a whole year what she’s going to recognize this guy in my house only at work.  coup who’s Ryan discard give me the gas card cuz Mauricio’s last person I saw that had that and now I don’t know where it is are we doing that for sure how do you unlike a physical one yeah like a checkout thing yeah but you got to be physical cuz then they actually have to like people won’t remember to do it online.

What you want to do listening to phone calls I did not offer her the email I am cuz I was mad at this lady asked for the stinkin email Mike Slaughter so I have two calls in there like line in Stroud both of those are like 15 minutes also just because that’s how they caps I wasn’t like going to be mean cuz he was just a referral in how we are on And I like how we talked cuz you was from up North.  do you know what I’m saying make a note Charlie berens I met I met him before.  he always teams up with the Busch basement remodeling Milwaukee Light guy you betcha that guy so funny she’s always with him you know the you betcha guy.  it might still just like being the, and then he’ll just do it they have a podcast and they start every podcast with that but he does a bunch of funny videos whose is it Tobaccoville call this time who’s this guy on Friday nope.  oh yeah I got a couple that I owe you. Sure.  I think I did a good job cuz he pretty short and stuff I still was able just kind of chug along and get him on the schedule so. I can always set up a meeting and then set up so if i have things like that.