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Well thank you for your interest in our free estimate at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I am glad to help you set up an appointment and walk you through the next steps first when are you next available lets see if you have space to schedule you in next week I will hope that we can manage to get you in within the next two week as you know your estimate and your proposal are free of charge however we would appreciate if you would stop by our page and write a review and sign our contract to move forward with your project this is the ideal image that we would love to project and the plan that we would love to see from most of our calls however home owners realize through the first step of estimates that the cost is unrealistic and then timing is not right at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we go through each piece of our estimate with you we have one on one conversations and we love to be personable with our clients and customer we have built many relationships with multiple individuals in our field of practice we have subcontractor and vendors we will present through our project we will work along with each family and their dream and vision will become our goal we enjoy making each house we work on a home for families to enjoy at back to basics builders we build a team of laborers who have demoed multiple projects and who have remodeled both residential and commercial setting we are aware of the difference between the two and we fully enjoy residential remodeling working with families I have been on the team for almost a month and have enjoyed my time here at the company serving both staff and clients answering as many questions as possible knowing that these are dreamers they have visions and talent comes with it owners must be able to see the possibilities of their space but also remember that possibility comes cost and inconvenience lets talk inconvenience how many times as your refrigerator light burnt out how many times have you sat and thought I wish I could see my food right now imagine your entire fridge not being available for mor than two days what would you do how will you survive part of our preparation for projects is making sure families understand the cost of living will change during a remodel especially that of a kitchen or a bathroom know that you will need a place to shower a place to brush your teeth and a place to go potty if you don’t have any of these extra spaces somewhere make sure you discuss it with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will help you prepare for the worst be patient and be kind stay humble through the process they can definitely run into unexpected troubles therefore causing you to use your kitchen sink instead of your bathroom sink have an extra potty know that it is illegal to have an outdoor potty without a permit you may need to consider a porta potty or ask a neighbor or friend to help support you during this time I have had many problems with owners complaining that they cannot feed their family on time every night because theres no stove available I promise you at back to basics builders we communicate when your appliances may not be available to you for immediate use I remember my cousin recently lost access and use of her refrigerator and it happened in the coldest months she used the outdoors to keep her food from going bad she had an outdoor porch to help her through what she thought was the worst then a few months later new owners appeared at her door with a piece of paper called an eviction notice she has seven kids and needed a home then it taught me to appreciate the things that I do have they may not be modern at the time but they are definitely mine and in front of me and working at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we cannot promise you an entire home but we do promise to provide an open communication base with an open door policy your problems are ours during your project time frame we understand urgent we understand need we understand family and we understand uniquely created we are here to stand by you through some of the most amazing times of your life and some of the most stressful times of your life but always remember through this process your family will grow you will develop new relationships and you will learn how to keep kind and humble we love to serve and we love to close deals but we also know how family is always a priority and concern and we are well aware of those who need accommodations through the process of change its easy for some and adjust for others can be the worst experience ever so please consider all needs during our process and communicate them let us know one family member is taking it hard while the others are beyond excited back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee too has families and are willing to reach out and include all members to help them understand the process is only to improve a space to be more functional for them now lets talk about the process what happens next what do you do now we had an estimate and are given a proposal well now you signed the contract we move forward with demo and remodeling first we need to tear everything down unless otherwise specified so please be frank with us if you are saving a piece of fabric or a piece of wood from a cabinet because it has sentimental value please do indicate such during your estimate and contract signage we are excited to rebuild just as you are however we need to make sure you are comfortable with moving forward also not during the remodeling phase pending on your needs we may have other professionals present through out this process such as a plumber or electrician.