Today would have been discussing the bathroom designs here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and how many things are going to be going to place into bathrooms as well as the different designs you can have you know when your projects about working on and some things you can do what you do fairies cool ideas are out there and it really comes down to what people can afford but we’re not going to worry about the price today and we’re discussing to make different options are very unique ones that we’ve seen it have died in the past here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because you know we love all the work that we’ve done and we wanted to show it off to me talking about it here a little bit as well as you know you can also take a look at our website at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and see the gallery and the video testimonials we have provided for all of our clients and potential clients as well. So first of all you were even discussing one that we did out in a little bit of a lake country area this was a very unique bathroom that was in the basement so we did a little bit more than just the bathroom itself but it turned out fantastic and just absolutely amazing and you know here we are discussing my options that we could do with it but they did in a highly before and got a huge for his wealth and so you have the bathroom that’s Square so it is 11 by 11 by 10 or 11 by 11 size bathroom so it’s a pretty bigger size bathroom and it’s not normal obviously I don’t know what size bathroom is a 5 by 8 unless we typically they are but you know this one was a bigger option and they had the door on the right side of the bathroom so we’re facing the wall that’s going into the bathroom is on the right side okay so we’re just going to kind of give you a picture of what we are doing walking into queso Once you walk into the door you have left you have straighteners up Antonia right there and that vanity is 6 ft long and so as a double bowl sink as well as next to that it has a five by five shower and I have overhead waterfall so the water wasn’t coming out of the wall it was cleaned up from overhead and it has which is against the wall where you can put your shower supplies gets you shampoo your conditioner stuff like that and however the shower wasn’t just out of a shower pan I was seeing if you had a shower pan officers no table or anything like that and it was just a bigger shower and you know it was covered by a glass wall washers glass and it was very unique and very different type of project because it was very unique but I’m right across from the shower you had a closet for all the linen stuff that you have all the storage fee for towels and toiletries and stuff like that if you put it worst or anything else in the bathroom that’s a joke but like I said it was a huge bathroom it was a beautiful cuz everything was tiled of it was tiled halfway up the wall except for in the shower what was tiled all the way up to the ceiling and it was just something you don’t see every day and something different. This was a great project for basement remodeling milwaukee and we can not wait to show it off on our gallery. So our next one very unique onhub this one was on another house it was one of the only bathrooms in the house so there was two what does a half bath and one was master bathroom everyone shared but they don’t was only that that live there so it was a bigger size Bath & Beyond however it wasn’t normal size height because it was on the side of the house where it was starting to slant upward so you had closer to the sign outside of the house where was a little lower with that ceiling height and then it got longer and bigger I guess you could say as it got more into the house and it’s very unique cuz they had a bath and a shower and has somewhat I’ll play halfway up the wall and then there was a little half wall splitting the shower and the bathtub Savannah the shower had a little glass window that would separate the bathtub from the shower In-N-Outs the tiled shower was all the way tiled and the floor was lvp and it was very unique and very different from what we’ve normally worked on the house itself was different from Roman what we work on being out here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t judge anything’s house we make sure we can get done properly and make sure it is up to code.But yet so check us out at basement remodeling Milwaukee look at the different aspects in different Galleries and we have some pictures that was done with her bathrooms for our clients and you can see that they were not getting all these projects are very unique and very different from everyone else’s and that’s what we like you want to make sure that you guys sick out and make it your own it’s not the same as doing it from somebody else then you’re just like her at somebody else’s house as well this way it’s your own house it’s your own room it’s where you going to make new memories with regards to the basement bathroom or kitchen we do it all here at basement remodel Milwaukee’s give us a call and let us help you with your next big remodel.