Testing one two testing here we go again here at basement remodeling Milwaukee were having a great and fantastic app for noon and evening you know I should say not afternoon or evening to this night time right now it’s the first day of spring.  and we are about that’s going on and it’s very very exciting time to your basement remodeling Milwaukee on my first off I would say I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic weekend I’ve had a pretty good weekend so far you know a little bit baseball this morning which was nice and you know that I just put some Xbox for other day and it was a good time for this can I hope everyone’s having a great weekend you know I know some people are struggling a little bit but you know we do hope the best day and making sure they ever need anything that they get the help that they need I was at what we do here babe basement remodeling milwaukee more can we don’t wish anyone bad about anyone we don’t talk bad about anyone you know we do laugh at some of the things but you know that’s not because we’re making me and how much because some of the things that’s funny, for example when will talk with other clients and stuff to eat so you had that other contractors come out and they said it’s not that big of a deal sometimes we all talk little bit different we’re not all the present the same way some have different styles of sales them have different style of staining to the fact that different from us Atlantis is actually just checking our emails here and there and you know we’re getting a lot of more leads coming in these last couple of weeks I was worried in February and February were we were not getting that many leads a psychic Sally Jo Jurassic lights are not coming in to see what you mean we got six leaves as well yeah but they’re not great leads they just and that we went to this is all he’s just going to look at the difference from last you till this year and I was looking at them and there’s a huge difference you know we have like over a hundred fifty leagues compared to the fact of last year at this time and that’s a very good thing you know we do I do appreciate what you guys back in the stuff but you know what what I’ve been dealing with it’s a very you’re on a downslide stuff what we have been doing a really and that’s what I got concerned that you know how I get sometimes you can be that much anytime weeks but you know there’s not going to be that many Town weeks in a row and there’s like a me that me the unquiet eleads at all but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee to take notice of everything and making sure that we document and go through all the projects in the processes of the Pikachu the week invested utilize ourselves in our state of being here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you know we are very interested in us and our company in our crew in our Office Depot that we want to make sure everyone’s doing great and they are having a great opportunity to do if they find some concerns with their work they want to talk about weed make sure that we listen that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee making sure our crew our team is functioning and they can handle everything. We want to make sure that they’re confident enough to do a self and we do that by reassuring them talking to them having daily meetings having weekly meetings with the all of the crew and the office the kind of touch base making sure everything’s going all well and making sure the clients are very happy with the work that’s being taken care of their home you know here in basement remodeling milwaukee more can we do all of that for us for you guys and we do it through many different ways of communication. You know here we discussed a few times where we have our agenda on a Google doc where we can all communicate back and forth from things from what they want done in the house from the small details of a type of sing finger they want they find one that I liked a lot today what type of tile they wanted the type of floor they found that they liked you know it’s all those things that we help to communicate well and making sure that our state of being is great and I were having a fantastic time work for clients you know it’s a huge thing if you’re not enjoying what you doing that you’re not you really working if you’re enjoying what you doing you really just having a great time while you do a little bit of work you know what don’t even talk Works work but like when you have a funny you’re doing something that you like it’s not really work Azizi you’re here basement remodeling Milwaukee to take each other’s weaknesses and we make them stronger and we make sure that we can grow as a human being grow as a worker and making sure that we have developer skills and making sure that we continue to grow and you know that’s part of the state of being here basement remodeling Milwaukee they were talking about is just growing as we grow you know each day you should grow a little bit more and I don’t mean physically we do mean mentally and emotionally you know the see different things see different sides of stories making sure that we’re all communicating out of a bit daily basis to learn from what we could do better for the day before and for the week before.