Testing one two Hey everyone everyone’s having a great and fantastic day today on this wonderful and beautiful Wednesday afternoon you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of things going on a lot of exciting and fun things Going on here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because you know we do have some of the best work that’s being done in the Milwaukee area and we have a lot of exciting things to talk about you know today we have a lot of clients that we just finished up We are getting ready for a lot of checks coming in as well as because all the projects that we are working on that have been completed and you know we’re looking forward to see some fresh ones in your like I said it’s very exciting stuff here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re just looking at all the beautiful basement kitchens and bathrooms at we just finished up you know we have a couple of each which is very tremendous and amazing hob you can actually take a look at the roof before and after pictures very soon here I don’t know what to say it back to basics builders and you can see the transformation that we had from the start to the finish of the project and you see how amazing it turned out. can do all these projects are cheap and I do cost a lot of money and a lot of people don’t understand that you can’t just do a bathroom remodel for $2,000 or even a bedroom remodel $40,000 how is your pack some stuff up you can do to paint how you can fix carpet a little bit here and there but you know when it comes out of the basement so you can make sure everything’s up to but you are typical project has been drawn 52,000 this year and we’re very happy and thankful that are but just I know we’re happy with clients I can spend that much money in their projects you know here we’re finished up a kitchen where it was a $90,000 kitchen and it turned out absolutely amazing how I can’t wait to see you and show you guys here at the before and after pictures cuz you know what we’re hoping they actually get an award for that one to let you know we are working on getting that once submitted for the next year’s award ceremony . How many be by your side here at basement remodeling milwaukee we have consistently projects going on from start to finish and you know we’re finishing up with some every few weeks from another hang out we don’t like to have them all finished at the same time we are working on them consistently though throughout the time that we have the project would you look forward to spending time with our clients making sure that they get exactly what they want and it turns out amazing and fantastic and that’s what we’re going to get into today. You know we’re going to talk about shaded ceiling lights and you know it’s very interesting you know because she hated seeing light says it’s what it is shaded and there’s ways to make it brighter on Percy with the right appalled but you don’t way to get around that is you can listen to have a dimmer and the dimmer can make the lights go down a little bit so it’s not as bright in that area and it works out fantastic. And it’s really no need for shaded ceiling lights will be understand what you guys met anyone buy them and you only do two look very nice and very aesthetically pleasing to ones rooms and stuff and they add a little bit more different design aspect to that house and home but you know it’s many different ways to can I go about doing that if that’s your preference you owe for a we will help you along that if it’s your preference I would you recommend other options you know and they’re very unique though here shaded ceiling lights. You know there was one where it was for me actual shape of a picture and you can actually see it throughout the floor so you had a light that had a picture in it like a kind of the shadow puppet into a wall it can look like that and it was very unique and very different and it was nice when you get rid of it cuz it was part of the old basement they liked it they had it there when they they had it put in when they were there but you know they decide to go against keeping it and go for New Look which is also perfectly fine you know people do the tire of the Roll looks every now and then and they needed some things around that. You know that’s where a lot of people have died doing this last year you know with the remodeling industry where everyone was holding the tired of looking at their home they had people come out redo it and make sure guitar tabs easy. can we do anything and everything here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we make sure our quality is the highest quality in the area as well as it is around the world you know we do take pride in our work and we do want to be the most sought-after remodeler in the southeastern Wisconsin area and so far we’re doing that you are Google reviews have a very high amount and we’re very happy with that and you know there’s much more we could do to keep going here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and making sure that it just keeps going up and we keep this reaching for the stars and making sure that we surpassed them and make sure that our clients are happy along the way cuz that’s that’s very important too.