Hey everyone I hope everyone is enjoying the day today and having an absolutely amazing start of the week and hopefully it only gets better from here on out but you do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot to discuss and lot to go over you know we’re even discussing rustic windmill ceiling fans today and what uniqueness that bring someone’s home have a different style that you can come with you know besides rustic there’s also other aspects to it you know what different finishes and we discussing those well you know so let’s get to it here today at basement remodeling Milwaukee. You know we have a lot of things to be happy and grateful for projects finishing up a very amazing projects that have been finished and we’re looking forward to getting all those pictures taken care of and put them up on our website for the after pictures and we are looking forward to seeing all the showing everyone not seen as we were there when we first started the project but showing people what was there before and what was after and you know what we can help you with and help you design see some of the stuff that we discussed here is also the aspects of you hope to give you guys as well you know very different uniqueness projects as well as different styles and hope so let’s take some of it and make it your own. Cuz that’s what’s really a projects about his remodeling it’s making it your own you know you buy a house it’s been there for a hundred years you know you want to make it a little bit more if you don’t you want to make it home only for you and another way to do that is through a remodel Sometimes some people find is best way to do things so let’s started out by talking about rustic windmill ceiling fans and the different aspects it brings first of all anytime you run passing window that you can see what it looks like you have your three or four different Tails I guess you can say that just go around and around blowing and making sure that you gain energy you know but this is I was the famous cool used it cools you down in the home and discuss is around those options change the first of all it absolutely is amazing do you have actual rustic version of The Windmill it actually looks like a window that you would see in the country that especially in the final like you’re going to know if you’re in Wisconsin but if you ever drive up north you have to pass the Fond du Lac gas Costco you’ll see a bunch of them and it brings different uniqueness to one’s home with this family did was added to theirs and they did have a rustic theme going on so they have liked it but newer type of table and then a right above it had the fan and they have their open little kitchen concept that they had as well so it was easy to have a receipt on the counter top right there where people can sit and enjoy the food with other family at the table as well you know here at basement remodeling milwaukee it is about family and we make sure we incorporate that in our business as well. You know we give out wine tasting so we let them know that you’re part of the basement remodeling Milwaukee family now because you know from the start of this project to the end or here consistently for the next 3 to 4 months we make sure that we are getting this project done and taken care of for you you know we are going to be a little bit of pain sometimes the noise that we make trying to build the walls and stuff like that you know it was from the door stop in together but we’re here we’re can make this work and we’re going to make this basement or kitchen but even bathroom look absolutely just fantastic. And you know that’s what comes down to his family in this with this is like you know they had a rustic family not saying that it was rushing her old anything but we know they just have it an old-style that brought that looks best that way you’re trying to change it you have to change everything around the house and you don’t want that so they made the most of it and they said you know we’re going to make it our own a layout of the smaller things to the house you know and one of them was a rustic windmill ceiling fan and the ceiling fan I was to go to the circle I was it cool you down from the top and work so I don’t know if you guys know that are not that’s how it does but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s all about the family presents and making sure that everything is so unique and coins coherent making sure that everything goes together. And that’s what this family did like I mentioned they have many different aspects to it like the Cabinetry was an old style but you know it was brand new stylist these kept the style of color The rustics Rustic theme to the kitchen for the dishwasher the sink faucets while the sinking of the other was even a little bit more of a different color and uniqueness and it just brought out the best of that family So why you let us help you with that as well and make sure that you guys get the most efficient because you know that’s what we’re here for a we’re hoping all of our clients from start to finish with the project and making sure it turns out unique and turned out different from everyone else’s homeĀ  Cheer at basement remodeling Milwaukee.