Welcome everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Wednesday afternoon you know the sun is peeking out finally after it’s been raining for the last two days so you know we can only hope it stays out and enjoy the weather while it’s there you know we have a lot of things going on here at Milwaukee basement remodeling Milwaukee you know very busy as always you know what finish of clients this week and making sure everything gets done in time as well as making sure that everything goes according to plans everything comes in on time as well that our suppliers are sending us the right details right items we asked for that’s a huge thing to hear basement remodeling Milwaukee making sure that we get the right materials the first time so we don’t have to worry about going back and taking second trips making us less effective and efficient when we are working. So you should really check us out at basement remodeling Milwaukee let us talk to you about everything going on throughout your big project making sure that everything gets there on time through if it’s just the wood that stains for construction or whether it’s the plumbing Peaks SF pictures that need to go into your shower for your bathroom we do it all here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and that’s why we’re going to be talked about is actually Plumbing time you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a lot of clients in remodels right now and most of them have some type of bathroom and I don’t know whether it’s a basement we’re adding a bathroom to or if it’s two Master bathrooms that were fixing or remodeling should say not fixing to your Remodeling and we haven’t got them and then completely redo them but we make sure that everything is there is up-to-date and up the code so we do need a praise updated plenty because you know it really makes our lives easier for on ourselves and Anora plumbers so that they don’t have to go in and do extra work you know if we actually working we don’t want to see you at the beginning of the estimate or anything like that it does cost a little bit more than we do tell our clients that unfortunately that’s what it is and how if you have 90 year old Plumbing than it needs to be fixing up the day and so you can always think that most house right now have been up to date and our continued to be up-to-date and that people are finding them they need to fix them before we can even do a remodel. But you know you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’ve done a lot of bathrooms and we see you them consistently on a daily basis from going out to for estimates proposals to the workers they are at people’s houses Beach day working on a bathroom at some sorts you know we do ask you know we do have an agenda fill out the agenda with all the stuff that you would like and what do you need what what you want to have sex with you make a list of everything you need to have an elite four choices why is not have cuz we do pay for it we just we order it ourselves that we make sure that it’s there and gets to the plumber on time and that’s all regards to making sure though as it our clients are filling out the agenda and time. Meaning that if they don’t sell pizza dough in time with where they don’t have a decision made well or plumbers supposed to be scheduled to go we need that information so we can get it done for you and get the project moving you know it does come down to our clients need to make more choices a little faster and it’s a hard choice for a lot of things you know what colors you would want to do in the bathroom and it comes down to one of the things just picking and making sure you’re okay with that you know I have a few different options you know if you can’t have this option while this option works best you know if that we can have that one either one of these two we do the third one you know one of them is bound to work and we do hope that you guys understand like we’re not trying to pressure you guys in the making decisions is that we would like to get the project moving and making sure it continues to move and if we tell your flowers can we schedule will and your piece of what they you want its needs to be special ordered well that’s cuz I could be very good for either one of us cuz we’re going to be behind on project because we need to wait for that word that piece to come in for Steven do any other work and we don’t want that we want to make sure that everything is turning out great and he’s on time that way everything is done on time and everything here bass remodeling Milwaukee goes smooth and that’s all we wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly for your remodel from the start to finish that’s why we have orientations we have agendas me of communication on a daily basis with our clients to make sure that everything is going the way that they wanted to go and that we are on a good Pace to make sure that is done on time or be in or ahead of schedule which is also really good you know if we get it done ahead of schedule and down in time cuz you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with you have a lot of clients and we do have a lot of people to start we would like to start at them as soon as possible but you know we do understand this project first.