Let’s talk about some great remodeling project ideas as we look around we like to read words of encouragement. Have you ever been to the local stores around here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we like to see a lot of fun stuff I mean really I like to roam on the store so that my brain can be a little more stimulated than it is when you’re sitting in for walls staring at blue paint. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we like to have some Decor on the walls and look at some fun pictures that the kids have drawn us and I mean it gets really exciting when you look at basement remodeling Milwaukee and all the fun stuff that we can provide each and every client. I mean we have brochures that are stacked up on the counter is here with great details of tiling and how we can build and how we can provide you with subcontractor isn’t materials. We love that we can help clients build new spaces at Back to Basics Builders we have passion in our hearts to make sure that each and every client is taken care of and that their families are cared for. We always like to make sure that we are always moving forward with some great remodeling project ideas I mean we’ve had a lot of different calls this week about kitchens and some bathrooms and we’re looking at some crazy remodeling projects in different areas of our city of Milwaukee because we love what we do. I mean we love that we can always just continue to Move & Groove and do some great things with our remodeling projects. Why do I have this cramping headache on this for 40 degree day I mean it’s almost freezing right where is the snow? Can we even have snow anymore it’s almost may. I don’t know it’s just been a long day and I am exhausted. I don’t know why my head hurts so bad actually I do cuz I skipped lunch you know I skip lunch because I’m fast. I love that I can come into work and I can practice my beliefs. I have faith and I believe in my face and it’s a great place where I can just smile and know that my culture is here and my people are here and it’s going to be a great day to move forward with some amazing ideas. I love that I can always do some amazing things and build up my people here. What are you doing today that separates you from any other day? I know that their say is that I want to celebrate some nonsense but reality is I have a family and I have kids and when I get to move and groove and dance and have fun and celebrate it’s usually because their lives matter to me in their birthdays I worth celebrating. I love that I can just smile and know that they’re going to be taken care of and that it’s going to be a great day. This weekend my little guy he got to go to the amusement park and it was to celebrate some fun stuff and he had a great Park hard and when you can celebrate that and you can come to work it means a lot. I mean he had a blast and he celebrated he went on go-kart see what on a go-kart track and then he went and he’s swinging a cross on a zipline and it was just a lot of fun for him to experience. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we love and we understand the concept of family it’s a lot to handle especially when you’re going to a remodeling project and we’d like to be there for you you can learn more about us at Back to Basics builders.com and Saina Proposal with us you can learn a lot about us and our testimonials you can go check us out on our website we love for you to check out our website because we’ve won some awards and it’s super fun website that tells a lot about us and our values and why we enjoy doing construction Hear It Back to Basics Builders because it makes everything so much easier here we love that we can focus on some new remodeling projects and that we can get a lot done here and then we can always smile when things are doing the way we thought they would. And we really like to have fun and learn about some ideas and we love to create new ways to endure the next day and we love to remodel with value I think that’s one of the most important things here and that’s what’s caused such great growth is remodeling with value. Basement remodeling Milwaukee can help you with your remodeling project ideas so give us a call and let us know it basement remodeling Milwaukee we would love to hear from you and all of your stories that you have here because it means the world to us and we love to hear from you and we love to know what your family function is so that when we build your remodeling project we know what we’re going until we know what the family’s needs are. It makes us smile along the way because it’s what we love to do. Give us a call and let us know about your remodeling project because we love what we do everyday and it makes us smile. We have passion in our hearts for the things that we do daily and we encourage each other to do some great things here it and we enjoy it we like to have fun while we make some money I mean sometimes I open my Snapchat and it’s so funny what’s wrong I don’t know I got Ryan I said right. We love that we can give a 15% lower rate than any other company here at back to basics builders this is As what we are jamming for here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.