Hello everyone to having a great Friday afternoon today I hope but you know we’re going to get right into it would be discussing the great kitchen designs here at basement remodeling Milwaukee not be great but just great kitchen designs and going over a few different ideas that can be added to a project for you or close friend of yours are relative that’s working on their kitchen that way you’d like to share ideas you know that’s what we post all the pictures on our website you know that way you can see the work that we have done and as well as encourage you to go with us over other people but you know sometimes it doesn’t happen but you do know we do wish you guys take some of the ideas and you don’t know if you really like him here we do like to offer as many ideas possible to our clients here at basement remodeling Milwaukee in or out there going over many different designs are aspects of a project for the free estimate we make sure we get every detail from the owner to go over with us exactly what they wants that way we can get the estimate just out to them more we can get the estimate out to them that is catered to them and their family and not just some normal one that is catered to everyone in general. So why you check us out and let us help you with the beautiful kitchen as I hear we’re just finishing one up and it’s absolutely stunning you know you should take a look at it and see the baby different pictures that we have from the start of the project to the end result of the project and see the many different things that you we changed as well as did to this kitchen to make it look the way it is. If you being just a coffee I want to give it all the way you know it was a closed concept Kitchen on it was just a room itself so you like most rooms they have a couple of things that I wanted to the dining room at wanted to live here and we get rid of the entryway to the dining room admit one of the big open area and I miss you already have the dining room area as well still and then you have part of the countertop from the wall that splits the living room the dining room and the kitchen light originally and goes out into the day in a little for kind of a bar top people can sit there and do homework or having a nice little white glass of wine while they’re cooking you know you just a wider area for the family to have more company over as well as do many different projects there ain’t have many entertainment ideas with games if your people over to anything. You know then you’d look at the other side of the kitchen while we’re young sync all the way we did the window meaning that we do the insides making sure that it was all still. Correctly and done properly as well as a Cabinetry it just looks fantastic you know there’s a lot of stuff that we can be really happy about and very proud of that we’ve done for this family to create a beautiful kitchen I won’t even mention all of it but I do want to mention this last thing well if two things left is the backsplash. The backsplash is absolutely phenomenal e amazing I know I keep saying that but you know it looks unbelievably great our Tyler did a great job with it and then you have in the middle of the stove we’re all kind of goes together and go ahead and there’s a huge Stone there that is the same Stone out of a countertop so it looks absolutely just absolutely amazing. And the cabin tree itselfturned out phenomenal of very interesting design aspects to it as well be built in a few actual cabinets into the walls so we’re looking forward to seeing all the end pictures so we can post them on their website they’re not posted yet you there yet but would they will be very very soon and you know we do hope you guys take a look at them and see that you can do it all that as well as you come here at basement remodeling Milwaukee back to be Builders and get a free quote from us and we can help you out and you not as extravagant but you know just a simple or simpler one and get that going for you because you know we would love to help you with your next great kitchen remodel because we here at basement remodeling milwaukee like to do to be like a remodels from basements bathrooms and kitchens we do it all here and I have a passion for a basements we have a passion fruit bars and bars as well go well in kitchens so take us to look at a website give us a call fill out our thing on our website to get a free quote talk to our Representatives here at basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics Builders and let them help you go to the process of setting up a time or they can come out and go over the project with you that you would want to do it can with regardless of you it’s a basic kitchen or a bathroom we will help you regardless of it and you know it’s just a lot of time in effort that goes into these projects and we just are very happy that it turns out amazing. Because who doesn’t want our project to turn on Macy how’s the clients do we want to because I was able to get into our projects would be great as well as we wouldn’t get many more clients that we want clients we were all the work we can get here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.