Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Making the Most of Your Home

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

HELLO and good morning today is gray its caca outside the sun has disappeared and the wind is freezing cold the temperature has dropped and all I can think of is warm coffee and fuzzy sweaters with this in mind lets remind ourselves of the layers we must add this season from winter outdoor hear to indoor gear yes I consider my fuzzy slipper socks and long underwear and robe indoor gear tis the season to shop at farm and fleet and forget modern day style however lets be real most home owners never want to forget their modern day style of their homes and wish a genie would come out of a bottle and nod their head twice to a newly modernized home well maybe that’s just my idea of how remodels should go anyways lets continue with the layer the layers of clothing the layers of pain the layers of rug layers of laminate the layers of curtains and the layers of beauty from what owners thought would be a great idea well lets talk back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and their ideas of layers I know that there has been some great layers of remodeling demoing especially our demo team is growing they love to tear the places down and get to the nitty gritty they love to see how each owner had their own style this weekend I walked into an office space and holy cows I saw layers of late 70s and early 80 flower child décor all over the place dark paneling orange shag and black painted walls with checkered floors it was almost like someone wanted to different decades in one room I couldn’t believe it I pulled off some carpet in a small corer of the room only to find padding and wood floors painted black like how does that happen then I looked a the paneling and it was hallow with nothing between the two pieces forming a wall with a window between the two rooms why is there a window with a door between to decades im so lost and confused basement remodeling Milwaukee im sure would love to tear through these layers of madness on some notes I know there are different styled homes that are built in layers and those layers tell stories for example I know my family has been in the same house for over a decade and it started as a modern 90s home with a rec room now it is an outdated home with new flooring tis is why I know back to basics builders needs to come and take a look and start from the bottom up starting with basement remodeling Milwaukee then they can work on the second floor and add layers of color tile and laminate I over heard some other talking this morning and I was wondering how many layers of flooring can one have before ripping it out and starting over I always wondered there was a family who were updating some parts of their home and decided they wanted to add new carpeting and they noticed three different layers of carpet with padding included then I overheard another couple who had to demo the basement and once they took down their paneling they noticed all their electricity was connected with extension cords. Some of the most dangers inappropriate remodeling choices ever made. Another couple pulled so many layers of carpet they were nervous to start their roofing project back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee will have some ideas of how to decrease the amount of demoing and will discuss with you what is safe and acceptable and what is not im sure extension cords connected to each other stuffed between paneling and drywall isnt the safest so reach out to someone who can help and tear things down in the safest of ways never ever attempt a project without advice especially when you are tearing down electrical wires so during all of our demoing what have we seen and what have we experienced as homeowners what stories from history can we piece together my kids love going to their grandparents house because there are secret passages I cant even count how many doors there are on the interior alone in the home then the kids noticed the small door in the exterior to the interior that the milk man had used to drop their milk off the kids couldn’t believe there was a person who delivered milk door to door my grandma refused to replace the door with actual wall she says it tells par to the home with back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee you don’t have to worry about any of your homes history to be destroyed it will be brought back to life it will be restored it will be completely new and fresh for you to tell your generational story I cant tell you how many times I looked at the bellowing panel before I took it off my basement walls only to find huge amounts of mold that I scrubbed with bleach then painted with special mold proof paint the most frustrating part is that we cannot use our basement for anything other than for storage since we are demoing the basement I know it is time I give away my babies clothing she has had since she was an infant I know there are stories that will never leave my heart and pictures of her in those different outfits that will always be part of my memories and my baby boy his pictures of him and his toys always playing and getting into mischief always five steps ahead of me trying to figure out how to get around things some of us struggle with remodels because we feel a piece of our hears are being destroyed in reality it’s a newness a new story to be told a new living space a new generation to experience the fullness and space of home and back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee will help each individual family relive and restore only to make layers of memories.