Okay here we go round the final final article of the day. I’m pretty excited because I actually reached I was I haven’t go set for 6 today but then I was like only be able to work down to 5 cuz it was a Monday and I was not feeling it really that much earlier today. But would you look at that I’m on my 6 hour to go today. And so that set me up for my goal for the rest of the week. I would like to hit up up 30 arkose just because then I’m giving myself that question for next weekend I will be gone one day. I hope help leave it at least 25 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Next week as well but if not and I can only get 20 lb baking 5 up this week. And her goal very weak is about 50 article to myself in a co-worker so that should be good. So from out of the other day when we talked about bang for your buck. If is you hear that, life’s like a typical stair difficult kind of thing people say. I know you’re a little while people are they doing remodeling and Renovations. A lot of people are looking for what is going to bring in the most value for their home. They’re going to get the most bang for their Buck. A lot of real estate agents are going to be able to tell you like all of you do like new flooring that allowed a lot about your house for a few green paint the walls or if you do your bathroom. But it really just as it really does depend a lot on that you’re either going to begin different areas are going to need different standards of living. So in comparison from like today in Shorewood to maybe Lake North Ave area basement remodeling Milwaukee.

There’s definitely going to need your house look a little bit nicer. But I’m sure we’re depending again on the vicinity of how close you are to North Lake Shore Drive if your house is old and outdated it’s still going to sell for a while about $500,000 just because that is the area that people live in. People are really start after the area. So yeah but if you’re living like and maybe like a not-so-great neighborhood also if it’s not the best standards it might sell still it might take a little longer to talk myself above asking but it could cell. 20 watt cheaper. But I got to be living in but then if you look at like say Brookfield at your house isn’t organized at not going to sell it for as much as a really good basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And Brookfield houses can go for just as much as they do in Shorewood didn’t have to go do that kind of thing. But I’m sure what if you’re on North Lake Shore Drive your house is blue nose like a hundred years old or so and it’s outdated people are still going to buy it because of the location. There’s really a lot of thing go into it because you’re going to need to get taken 10 person like location for schooling Burgers how close you the grocery store to shopping to EZ transportation and what is the crime rate like all that kind of thing. I also need to look at like what are your neighbors are your neighbors houses are they companies are they Schools are they public buildings. A lot to take into consideration when you’re trying to get the bang for your buck out of your house. I’m kind of glad you’re trying to run a bathe or bath because in comparison to the houses in our neighborhood their house is outdated by any means it’s only about maybe 30 years old. But definitely people today are looking for houses that have updated bathrooms and kitchens and that’s going to help price go back in. Mark is already insane enough as it is. Houses are falling off my love the shelves because over like 20 $30,000 or asking because they’re in such high demand basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Especially depending on whether you’re in. I know a lot of people looking for houses in the forest and Carey Waunakee right now because you really good school districts are outside of Madison but they’re still close to Madison they’re accessible. Pat divorce especially is really in high demand right now just because you want 2 cans up where the houses are a lot more expensive living there but the force is right in the middle and houses aren’t as expensive there 6 still a nice safe neighborhood but it’s break between the two nicer neighborhood before trying to get in. So right now basement remodeling Milwaukee. They do want to sell their house for a couple more years I would like to move up more so now just because just because like how the market is doing and how hot it is. They would like to download the house and maybe make a little more than they mightn’t come here. It’s really hard to predict what the market will be like in say 3 to 4 years. But I’m sure it’ll still be open for the start of this other house and I’m sure it’ll be more it’ll sell for more than what they paid for basement remodeling Milwaukee. Especially with in my hometown to the high school building a new Intermediate School they just updated all the elementary schools are adding a free-standing pool there’s perimeter field have Colton Ford Field House. It’s all the renovation that they’re doing yes taxes are going up in that area which Lottery board super thrilled about but they out of the cell phone bill from your family would you then bringing Morton coming to the area. It is sad because it’s a lot of family there too might not be able to afford this update this change. They’re going to Bricktown live in Madison area.