Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | How Can We Help With Your Project?

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Good morning thank you for turning into Aunt Back to Basics mother’s basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re excited today to talk about some topics of remodeling and I promise you I am so excited that and my family here in the city of Milwaukee and that they can help me with different remodels and that fun stuff back to basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s been super exciting day actually it’s been a really relaxing day and I’m super excited about relaxing days where I can have a cup of coffee in Ponder the thoughts of basement remodeling projects we have some upcoming basement remodels we have an addict upcoming we have a closet remodel we have some continue to commercial remodeling projects and we’re just growing or growing with some fun stuff for growing with some new updates were doing a lot of new bass boarding in a lot of new doors were working with demoing taking studs down putting stats up moving studs around reframing adding drywall painting just a bunch of new fun stuff and it’s been super exciting I can’t tell you how exciting it has been for us and how how much fun we haven’t back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee in I know that recently we had a new tool put in place where families can actually choose their own items prior to us being in their home and starting their work and this new agenda type of document helps us prepare for next steps and to be readily available for are customers in a personable lame we get to see what they’re choosing we get to see what’s going to work we get to let them know hey that might not really work here’s another suggestion you choose between the two it’s exciting nonetheless and at I cannot tell you how much baseball that we put in in the past 2 months and it’s not the toughest job to nail things to Avant but it is when you’re paying attention to the details between wall and baseboard and making sure that there’s not a big gap between your baseboard in your wall or that there is not a big clump of putty in your Corners because they didn’t match in size or you cut a piece too short and you’re just going to throw some spackle in there and make it work that’s not how we do it at we actually go through and correct our mistakes a proper way we are a very honest company we build trust with our clients and we are very happy to know that we are trained in these areas where we can be sure to provide 100% satisfaction and I remodeling projects and I remember when I was training and I had some classes and then it was my turn to put up a door holy cowz the only thing I could really complain about how heavy a door really is I have no idea when it’s swinging on hinges you don’t know how heavy a door is but let me tell you moving a door you have to carry it look somebody and then you put the thing up and the easiest thing is to use you likes my legs aren’t the strongest anymore they used to be very strong but you have to use Pat Ciara body and proper body mechanics and hope for the best we take the time out to help our employees we support them we make sure that they are capable of the position Kevin we make sure that they are able to do great work and they appreciate greatness and they strive for it that is the difference with Back to Basics mother’s is the Integrity that we have within each staff member knowing that we are in someone’s home and we respect it and when we do make mistakes and we may measure something completely wrong let me go back and get the same material and start over and it helps us learn and I remember being in class and oh my goodness that saw scared the Daylights out of me every time I would put that saw down me the highest pitch of the screeching I have no ringing I was just ridiculous but I am happy I am beyond that at this point but we’re Back to Basics. Space it remotely will I have no doubt I can put on my steel toe shoes and be on site in no time it’s an exciting time for us spring is here and we are moving forward with some really fun adventures ahead of us and it makes me happy to know that the business the company is being blessed and as we move forward our staff is being Unified all that together just makes me so happy inside knowing that we can come to work and be uplifted and to not have to struggle and to know that we are here for one another and that we learn together a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee We are joyful when we get no customers and make it to add baseboards and doors and we get to go in and help a customer to colors for the house and bring it all together for them and what would look best and what would not look best and it’s just very exciting to walk through each step and to let them know that they’re in good hands you don’t find that too often in small family businesses that started small you don’t find a lot of homegrown businesses in the city anymore that’s hard to find great quality work and that is why believe it’s a family and we work hard together we love what we do and I cannot tell you how many times and how exciting it has been to produce great work and two walks around home and with a photographer and say look this is what has been done this is what it was this was awesome mint and mold and now it says beautiful product of an extra living space and that is what we are here to do we are here to make homes a dream at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee want you to call or contact us through our website for your free estimate and we can guarantee a 15% lower rate than any other company out there.