Hey everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic week this week you know it is been a long week we’re finally made it to Friday and right now we are very excited to get started on the weekend is almost closing time here at Basement Remodeling Milwaukee and you know we do have a lot going on regardless of it being almost done for the weekend you know where is finish up some contracts gained all the final details through and making sure that everything is good to go for Monday when we meet with them and you know it’s can’t go good enough you know you’re a busy here about to walk is a lot of exciting things going on it was very happy for excited about that and you know it’s the weekend while we can have a nice relaxing weekend before everything gets a little hectic again and just enjoy the time we have over there beautiful Skies over and a half it’s supposed to be very nice out this weekend so you know we’re going to enjoy the time have outside and maybe play some little bit baseball thing you know who knows your basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very diverse and we enjoy our time we have it.

But today however we are going to talk about basement ideas because we just want to talk about ideas a different ideas that we’ve done in the past you know we do have our website that has a gallery and you always can go look at the gallery if you like but you know why people don’t even look at him and that’s what we were discussing day and we do a lot of great ideas on our website from stairwells to what type of rooms to make the colors of the room to the ceiling do the bar that we’ve created it’s very fascinating and very unique and very different to we have a lot of different ideas to go over today.

First off let’s talk about bedrooms you know bedrooms are a very big part of one’s home if you have more than one kids if you have bad dreams while you should think about putting one in the basement it’s a very unique and very different option these days and people are considering it more and more and people are doing it more than more so it’s what do you should think about what you doing about face baby bio another thing to think about is adding a bathroom it’s never not a good idea to put a bathroom down there so it is always a good idea made you out of the bathroom to the home that will you have multiple you know I was just with this have to be extravagant or anything like that but it can always be extravagant and you know we’ve seen quite extravagant bathrooms here at basement remodeling milwaukee in the basement and we’re very excited for them to know when working on a couple right now and it’s going to be fascinating to be awesome if we just look forward to starting the job and getting that taken care of and I know it’s a lot of work that goes into our basements that we work on it as well as different ideas that we’ve tossed around with the families to see if hey you know do you want this do you want that you know her that you can have that as well you know this heated flooring you know it’s very unique and very different but you know the next one we’re going to discussing his bars that’s going to take it most of the time cuz you know bars already huge top of these things everyone wants a bar in the basement.

And I was just over the last weekend fundraiser I was talking to somebody who is just building a new home and he said basement remodeling milwaukee you know it’s going to be around $720,000 in Philly is it expected to be that much to know that’s how much homes are going for the cab but we’re basically said to me around $120,000 loan that’s a lot you know he sure is a lot of extra cost in there or anything like that and they said yeah it was going to cost that much to build a basement you know that’s that’s that’s about right to pay off make the basement is obviously you we don’t know exactly how big it is I’ve never seen it but it’s normally the typical one even a great one that we’ve won just a few words over a hundred thousand alone 120 so you know there’s a lot of things you can do for smaller and his bar was fantastic and we just won an award for that basement where they had a nice beautiful stacked stone on the backsplash as well as the face of the bar you know the funny thing about that was like he wasn’t even supposed to be out front of the bar they so you know what this looks so good what can we put on the front of the box so it’s we didn’t oil turned out fantastic and

it just looks absolutely amazing with the underlights of from our electrician did and believe it or not it’s just was one of those things where is the spare of the moment you know what can we do this can we do that so yeah we can do absolutely do that and you don’t hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s what happens with a lot of our clients you know we start project and we go get going and then he realized you know you know this is absolutely amazing it looks fantastic we do that it’s just going to cost this much more I’ve really only that much more fun to do it that’s where a lot of people is doing these days you know one of them is one of her projects right now we’re doing the basement where they go to the bathroom it is fantastic. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we do love helping everyone create their dream basement their dream house and be able to make many more memories.