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Good morning thank you for turning in this morning it’s a great day here Back to Basics Builders. We had a great morning we always start out basement remodeling milwaukee   with a morning huddle. we always drain together and come up with ideas of how does execute are they and then at the end of the day we meet and we talk about how great the day was. We always start with something great, we bring up some problems we fix them and then we implement the ideas. Back to basics builders is a great place to start in the morning time I promise you we have a great team doing great things . basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to do great things and to work hard to better support every customer on board with a new remodeling project. have you ever used a handicapped toilet? I have a super extra tall toilet and i love it! I love my toilet but i dont think i bidets. I never had the luxury of using one nor do i plan on every using one. What is your favorite restroom’s asset. I love that i can be with individuals who can think outside of the box. During the pandemic i sat and pondered what to use next if i ran out of toilet paper. I wasn’t too sure what the next step would be all i could imagine was potty training being a wreck! I had no idea i was frustrated my older child regressed because well his sister was getting attention for pottying on the toilet. This was my life mid shut down. Then i realized the i was running low on the toilet paper. Adding an extra little butt wasnt the greatest idea. I wasn’t going to hinder her in any way she loved the potty and was rocking it. i still wish i had a booster potty with a ladder for her oh well. We cannot be perfect in every parenting step. I sat around in the office and learned staff were buying electric bidets. Like brilliant but awkward. A bit fancy of a life style . I am super excited about it and i am excited that i can come together and to get things done with my team. I was happy hat we could gather and buy needs with support of one another. I loved it and enjoyed it so much! Basement remodeling milwaukee we were all clueless as what to do but genius ideas and conversations became of a small huddle. I love the fact that in basement remodeling in Milwaukee we can gather and think outside of the box. I love charmaine. I love that ultra strong charmin andi love that it works great! I always need charmin for the bathroom. I think that is the best and most appreciated asset that my bathroom holds. I know when i visit my friend who now uses ultra strong i appreciate his candle choices more than i do his toilet paper. I try but I never nail it. I never nail a descent bathroom scent. It is always something nasty like it sounds great dew in the meadow basement remodeling milwaukee then i look at the light and it just stinks. I don’t know why I struggle with it so much. Basement remodeling milwaukee, i try my best to do great things and then bam sometimes it just doesn’t work. i love that i appreciate the small things but then theres great days when i can walk in the bathroom and see something completely different. I love it! This spring i will be working on my bathroom! I will update with stain paint and a new light fixture and tile. What are some new projects you plan to tackle. Sometimes we are not ready for a huge remodel and we need to feel accomplished. The simplest of things help me feel accomplished like laundry. Laundry washed, folded and put away helps me feel accomplished. I am not one for hanging up a ton of clothes but for my baby girl it is a necessity. She has this new thing with fur coats. I love that she has a little style of her own. Basement remodeling milwaukee, we all have different ways of dealing with boredom and it helps to have an awesome partner who can help you with your great remodeling projects. So partner up with back to basics builders and get your project started today! Basement remodeling milwaukee we are always doing great things and looking forward to new projects so schedule your project today! And get on our schedule for a free estimate. Basement remodeling milwaukee, we are here to help you with your remodeling project. Give us a call at 414-460-0075 and we can help you schedule your free estimate today! We are here to help you with your remodeling projects. We are doing great things here at Back to basics builders. We are here for you and your remodeling project needs. We love it here at back to basics builders we love that we can schedule your free estimate today. We love that we can always move forward with great remodels and we can help and support our customers do great things. Call us today and schedule your free estimate and free consultation then you can move forward with a  15% lower rate than any other company in the business. 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