Okay so if I look up bathroom remodels there’s not really much to look at this one looks pretty cool it’s a pretty gray I mean the grey towels expensive then there’s like that Berry open shower door cons to check out like the double vanity sink but then there is see no black on black faucets to go along with the black trim pieces you know there’s black door pulls as well as basement remodeling Milwaukee.¬† I’m you know this black door pulls to go along with all the black Axe and colors and then you know there’s the van out there’s the medicine cabinet with a mirror is on them that open up which is pretty cool on the double vanity is always something nice to have you know where’s the toilet looks like a pretty standard toilet, and then right above the toilets like there’s like an open area where you can put things I don’t know you put there but you know it is

What it is you know the pretty open Concept in order to bench in there we can put all your stuff and sit down and talk see the shower and then there’s one style work on the sides right next to it there is a Right next to it there is a there’s a shower system looks really cool so it’s the faucet and then just all marble which is a little square opening we can put everything basement remodeling milwaukee temperature control which is actually pretty impressive look at something that I would want to have you know if you just have it on your wall and then you do your everything else it’s open like having an open shower would be pretty cool like that if you just walk right in I’m no door.

it’s just like a floor and tile I wonder how that would work out to me you save money with no shower base and things like that on the shower is really cool I’m basically the bathroom is set up somewhere to my by the area with shells and think that’s a toilet in a wall the shower in the toilet and then there’s like a little shelf in the shower as well as a seat I will check with you pretty cool if you keep looking down there’s a lot of good ideas that people have considerate not fair gotcha Milwaukee basement remodeling milwaukee¬† zip code right cuz I’m your playing at the right down the address right with ya sorry about that for future yeah yeah not too tough to ask him when you get their address look up those addresses and Yeah yeah yeah it’s all those things that I wouldn’t notice unless I’m going when you when you were first doing it a little bit of time to type in the address and look up the zip code in right yeah I definitely I’ll definitely remember doing that put the address in the calendar cuz I was forgetting that I think it’ll either be nice to practice that I don’t have to it is insane what’s going on in Kyle I thought out the door hangers if we keep looking at these bathrooms welts on my pretty cool sings I like those thankless faucets which is a piece of marble and it just goes down I guess I can’t do look kind of domino and somebody else’s place not mine if we look after legally Basement remodeling Milwaukee

did you watch the game dude it was there up by 17 and 1.8 the end of the first half and then Kevin Durant just had his way with everything that was insane right and sing with when he was with the Warriors break because I don’t like the way I like the way you went about things well then there’s another guy that took Jeff Green heard that name but she had like 24 points yesterday missed one 3 miss one shot at sleep well when you like guys like that just go off your not what yeah I don’t know if game 6 will be interesting especially if Kevin Durant going to do the Kevin Durant thing at home my people that want me to go out to like that deer District but the game doesn’t start till 7:30 I won’t get home till probably 10:30 11 I don’t know if I feel like doing that so she did lose I was just suck I was looking this countertop physical countertop it looks like the one that we did for a client back in January oh yeah you should Trevor Bauer bowls it yesterday it’s kind of funny kid a bunch of the sticky stuff on his hand and he just did this with a ball it was a stick in his hand he’s like making a video and locking them in basement remodeling milwaukee

how big are those kind of funny Trevor Bauer but anyways if we keep going like the way they did these pillars with the that is really expensive but which would be cool if you do it like that it would be cool to have all the money that you can happen make the designs as cool as possible I don’t even know what that is what is something I’ve never heard of before but there’s also let you know the bars downstairs then this wall is really cool with a metal pipe as the hand railing would probably it’s pretty cold out there how to do a drop ceiling which is black which I like better on black drop ceiling would be very good for a home theater if you look at this one there’s some cool brick and I’m sure there was a hum title in hand or the cult tuckpointing have to do there I just called tuckpointing is what they wanted me to stay right there oh well basement remodeling Milwaukee. I think im i am just going to add another sentence