Back to Basics builders offer the best basement remodeling milwaukee has to offer. We are known for providing exceptional customer service while providing you with craftsmanship that goes above and beyond. We promise to lower any competitor’s price by 15%. We offer financing through lightstream. We are the highest rated and most Google reviewed basement remodeler in Milwaukee wisconsin. We offer free consultations as well as free estimates with a two-day preliminary pricing. Our service includes basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

What are some frequently asked questions for basement remodeling milwaukee? Some of the frequently asked questions for Back to Basics include what are the first steps to starting an estimate with the company? First we will ask you to either fill out a basement remodeling form on the website where you can call our home office. From there we will talk about what your vision and project is and get any ideas that you have. then we’ll get a consultation schedule to come take measurements and finish the conversation in person. we can get you a proposal going and from there figure out what steps we need to take first and order to make your vision and turn it into reality.

What happens after an estimate Back to Basics basement remodeling milwaukee? After your estimate we create a proposal. This is where we draw out the space and get the measurements that we need. We create your proposal depending on the materials needed and Electrical Plumbing and hvac. These all are barriers that will come up in your proposal. We will outline what needs to be done, how much it should cost and what the payment will look like.

After we leave you with an estimate we will always make sure to schedule a time to come back and go over the proposal. we will give you a folder with all the information that you will need. Also in that folder will be the contract so you can see every single thing that our project will require and we promise to keep you informed throughout the entire process. This is a great time to ask any questions and get on the same page about budgets and timelines more. When your contract is signed then we can move forward. We will set up an orientation. we will give you all the information and tools that you need in order to move forward. If you are needing anybody to call and when to call them then that’s where we come in with a list. We offer all the basics to help you when it comes to the remodeling process. This is a great way for us to show you how excited we are about your project. We want you to have as many resources as you can to make sure this is a smooth transformation.

for frequently asked questions or more information visit our website at You can call us today 414-460-0075 for a free consultation and free estimate.

Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Free Consultations

Back to Basics basement remodeling milwaukee is eagerly excited to work with you. We are the highest rated and most reviewed basement remodeler in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and we take that seriously. We go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients and share that they have a smooth transition when it comes to their project. We promise to lower any competitor’s price by 15%. We offer financing through lightstream. and we offer a free consultation as well as free estimate on your projects. you can find out today why so many people have entrusted us on special secret projects in their home and experience The Joy from one yourself.

How long do you remodels take at Back to Basics basement remodeling milwaukee? On average , remodels can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months. Our time limit truly depends on the specific Remodel and what needs to be done in order to complete the remodel. Everyone is different depending on the budgets but we always want to make sure it gets done fast and efficiently. We know how excited you are to have this project complete and get your home back in order. We want to make sure we get this done as soon as we possibly can. we don’t want you to have to be stressed out with people in your home. We want to make sure this goes as fast as possible.

What kind of selections does the client need to make at Back to Basics basement remodeling milwaukee? This is arguably one of the best parts when it comes to remodeling. Getting to design and pick out selections is always so fun. This is a great way to really personalize your home. we’ll ask that you pick out your flooring whether you’re wanting lvp, carpet or even tile. Then we need the light fixtures, sinks, towel bars, faucets and more picked out. If you’re looking to update cabinets then we will need to update those along with countertops. and Another important fun part is the paint. We promise to be there with you every step of the way whenever you’re making all of these decisions. We will make sure to fit your style, timeline and budget into every single project.

If you are struggling on what to pick, we are here to help. We know how to help you narrow down selections and help you choose. There’s no worries there, just bring some examples of what you’re looking for and we would love to help. We want to make sure that this is a fast, easy process for you and that you are back to enjoying your home as soon as possible. We are great to help you find all the perfect Needs for your home. We want to go above and beyond for each and every single one of our clients, allowing them the project of their dreams. you dream it a week, turn it into reality. We have been loved and trusted for many years. We have been turning homes into functional and warm inviting awesome spaces.

check us out online at You can call us today at 414-460-0075.