Here we are already lost in some games against Sage so there’s that I’m half where can I go to the internet right now oh yeah that’s why I got to Okay basement remodeling milwaukee now we are doing I’m set update Jackson side job sheet but we’re good here basement remodel in Milwaukee.¬† to see how things are going on here we can look at the MLB scores from last night I’m pretty sure the remove the first and last Debra’s lost prepaid kind of 2 are flowers coming out there create on so that the Brewers and we had four hits bold walk heading 1 which is a homerun check for the junior had a hit I just good for him other than that going on advise 1/4 delos to get ahead so it’s good for him to walk 1 so we still go to Ohio PS flower pitch 5 Innings and gave up four runs osterhout 3. 3 words that.

Basement remodeling milwaukee how to make box play free what time I looked it up but no the bucks vs. Nets we can see who’s actually playing who’s out the start at 7:30 G’s the Bucks definitely cannot see who plays on right now it’s looking like James Harden is not going to be in there and that’s why is Kyrie Irving but we’ll see what see what the bruises on your with the slopes guy is Tim Lopes I said what 4 events so he’s definitely new to my radar and I really hurt him I would like to see a beer carrot and a good game Milner struggle to give up 4 runs in one inning see why the Brewers have these random guys there’s Hunter Strickland who if you look to see this is 13 that he’s been on this year on Tampa Bay he pays pretty well 4 temperature if it’s good for Nilsa start of the year on the Angels but if you look at this year make a 386 era 23 games I used to be a very good reliever for the Giants of Strickland and I’m hoping basement remodeling milwaukee Strickland and who’s the other guy that’s words have box burger for they can be 2 veteran guys I can be pretty good for the.¬† apply of look at the flick of the rest of the games. Nationals beat the Pirates of course on Fred Hammond to get the save time over who Brad Hand is Jon Lester got the win because 5 1/3 or 2 but if we wake up red hand he’s a lefty he’s been that use those closer for Cleveland for your picture though I’m still pretty good 4th Pirates brubacher had to run run on their loss came from Souls who gave up a run in the seventh inning Adam Frazier 1/3 see coronavirus with 1 / 4 single the Reynolds Green if you look at the line up

I don’t know what time that is look to basement remodeling milwaukee¬† see if he’s got Chi Tom is his name on this is his rookie year he’s not heading very well so Financial schwarber’s Bennett are used to 432 RBIs Turner 1144 so do as well as we look to see in Ocala forward and really good he’s always a fun player to watch free free started his career as a catcher since then really what he’s been good at if we look to see last time you caught was what 2015 car play 19 that she caught one game there’s that before that last I use like a pretty regular catcher was in 2015 but you know it’s definitely his secondary position feels plays right field in the fields mostly left field who looked lately though he has been hitting really well since we can go since listen to May 14th only been to 55 which is really good for with 898 o p s I want to 20 plate appearances so far for you for him but most recently in the last six games basement remodeling milwaukee he’s back at 3:33 with an LPS of 1.435 four home runs in six games so the last two games I mean obviously he’s when he’s awfully well so exit below technology again I know he had a few heads yesterday so he’s on a few look right now he’s on the street but yesterday kind of broke their butt you’ll sense if you go since the last of the game so since June 30th event at 2:50 p.m.

every good but what is 1/16 – 333 lbs of 1.075 I’m so pretty good actually go back to shore where and see where we’re at their see what he’s done in the playoffs that was last year’s game on it really won’t tell me so postseason batting Gaylord I know the Cubs he was kind of like a big spark that year they won the World Series but 2015 Altima 2016 when he just showed up in the World Series against seven hits and 17 at-bats so she could really well so so he’s been in Four Season has been a pretty good header so temperature.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee this we have that their mom if we go to the next game we have Orioles versus Cleveland class I got the save Skyline and creamer on the Orioles got the loss I mean you catch 5 at 3 or 3 and runs after working for him but it’s getting me not the worst, but definite the best because they like said he ain’t got to save he’s been really good all year so I think he’s a rookie now it’s in 2019 he didn’t pitch last year, so far in his career he’s been pretty good so play the best of young clothes are in the league right now look at Lake see what he’s doing these days we’ll see where he’s at, and then we can go to he’s retired now so for that she played 44 games of 2018 played pretty well as last productive year basement remodeling milwaukee was 2016 so I’m still a pretty good player scroll his career to give him a card like this one right here is 2007 you know there’s that point where you was one of the best players in the league you could give him his nose 2008 Silver Slugger card or actually fight 2009 resume ever won rookie mdp I hear you second and you definitely deserve to lose it to Albert Pujols so there was that.