Hey there everyone hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic afternoon on this beautiful Friday and always sunny outside and it’s just a little like a lot longer this time I’m sorry I’m saying that the sun’s going to stay out longer you know we just had Daylight Saving just a little bit ago so it’s finally starting to stay at light out a little longer. These days and you know it’s fantastic cuz you know you could do a little bit more at night now and you don’t have a great time outside enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been having except for the rain that we had earlier this week but you know that’s over with.

Now we’re having a good next couple of days and you hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee were looking forward to the weekend and just getting home and relax and eat a lot of us have a little bit of things to do but you know what that’s too much thought you know we’re going to be discussing something about bathroom ideas today cuz you know we done a lot of bathrooms and they’re great remodels we love doing it because they know the turn out fantastic and I’m see all the return to Fantastic who we kidding but you know that you can take you can take her word for it or you can even take a look at a website that Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and see the work that we’ve done for our clients and see the testimonials that we have from our past clients that we’ve done a great job for a free estimate come out and give you a free estimate go over all your little project that you want to go over and yeah that’s what we do here base for a while in Milwaukee that point cuz you some ideas what you could do for that project whether it’s a bathroom basement or in the kitchen but you know today we are just gives me discussing bathroom ideas. In a batch of ideas are diamond it doesn’t there’s plenty of things out there you can do and there’s plenty of beans are just fascinating and very unique to you can do as well and you don’t have to copy what other people do you know we’re looking for one right now at basement remodeling Milwaukee that to Retro style bathrooms and they’ve both turn out fantastic

Dr. Fantastic and amazing you know there’s a lot of different options they do have it pinned tiles everywhere you know there’s tiled up the walls a little bit and then I’m have the accent wall difference you have the tiled showers and the tub as well and it just looks fantastic U-Haul unfortunate that’s what I would like personally it’s not my son that have it was just a hell bathroom but you know it’s theirs and it looks fantastic and then you also have different ones where you can’t just tile you know there’s no more modern ones we have a table and then give a half wall with a nice glass of wine you have a shower on the other side of that and that’s very popular these days we are looking to actually get one of those done here soon we do have a lot to do and we’re here to start the project here soon so it’s going to be fantastic and amazing there’s a lot of things that were here at basement remodeling Milwaukee hurt very excited about and some of them is finishing the project that we’ve been working on for so long I laughing lost but a couple months cuz that’s typically a couple months jobs has a bathroom of a side huge project but it is time enough to for us to get the plumber out there the electrician just to make sure everything is good to go and that we can start working again.

You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we take care of all the permits and everything for you guys and even give her two cents and stuff like about whether or not eat it projects this would be good for what would look really good here I’m just so we can be clear and stuff we don’t want to give you ideas La que le come to us have no idea what they’re looking for some time and you know we tell them what they can do it’s great when they do have an idea what they want that would makes that conversation goes so much smoother which is now over complain about anything we know it makes the estimate go a little bit better as in it’s a quicker estimates that way we’re not trying to pry anything out of you guys saying what you like what you don’t like

That way we can kind of give you an idea what the Project’s going to look like before it even starts that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee we come out for give you a free estimate and we go over the project with you there to begin with you know like for a basement and we typically just go out there and say hey guess what are you looking for take as many notes as possible as it will be to tell us as well ask a question here to hate what type of sealant do would you like you want the drywall to you and drop ceiling do you want to spray the ceiling black witch looks very amazing by the way it’s very popular these days I want to go flooring do you watch your carpet UNLV pee do you want epoxy you know there’s a lot of different things you can go for it and that’s what we come to get at and you like goes the same for our bathrooms weather is tiling the floor of the shower or do you want just tile the surround the shower and get a nice little shower pan set check this out of basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics Builders and let us help you with your next big remodel.