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Well where has everyone been as I sit here In the office at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I look around I feel like there is so much exposed and we need a way to hide things same at my house where the heck can I put these toys you know they are dangerous especially on a mommas feet they are terrible they hurt they poke you they bruise the bottom of your feet they are ruthless figures that can damage our whole day sometimes stepping on toys is worse than stubbing your toe on a wooden corner of a foot board or a bedroom end table lets be real we all need storage in our lives we need storage for exposed items on shelving units we need storage for hygiene products we need storage for our make up and hair ties we need storage for neck ties and bowties we need storage for all the above and more I know the kitchen look is exposed shelving and that is where I draw the line at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we can definitely consider exposed shelves as part of your design however im not that person my stuff is between toddler and elder who partially decorates for each holiday one day I will have a full set of holiday serving wear but that is just me I get so excited for the holiday and all I want is fake snow everywhere and tons of snowflakes from every color and size and then I want a tree in every room I am that person but lets be real when it comes to the kitchen no one wants to see batman and snowmen together with a touch of trolls and light up cups yes that is my cabinet but what some people really like is the exposed bathroom vanity and the storage baskets with beautiful designs and new durability now when you shop storage you must and I insist on going with quality before budget because let me tell you these baskets will sink and be destroyed the very next day you purchase them I bought printed laundry baskets and holy cows they were sunk in and wouldn’t hold up the next month and I know toddler clothes are not that heavy so when you google and instore shop for these nice baskets be sure to get quality baskets also what will matter is material storage basket or storage bin and back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very practical people and not only storage but also style and appearance matter to us so when we begin to consider accessories and we start to paint that is when you are ready to add your baskets vs bins storage suggestions I know a lot of people love their items exposed and maybe im just someone who is very private but I am not a fan of clear plastic bins unless they are on the basement shelf and I need to see through them or I will forever have taped labels on taped labels when we go to the basement it is very frustrating we have holiday décor then we have our wedding décor that land in fall décor that I love and paid a lot of money for then we have randomness we have clothes that I will never ever fit again in my life then we have maternity clothes then we have bins of memories then we have kids clothes I have kept every outfit my child has word because I have no one to pass it along to and it is so sad now if I had clear bind it would be a lot easier to find items that I once thought were lost at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and when we build basements and families ask if we can please consider a storage room first off what do you want that to look like for most it is a room full of stuff that is to them organized while to others there is shelving with brackets and there is measures space for bins to be stored and how big do you need that space we need a huge space in our basement for storage and I don’t mind if that storage is exposed I do not need a storage room if my storage is exposed so will by bind be exposed now when I go to the store I need to point out I only go to a few stores Walmart for bins at home and goodwill for baskets that is how I roll when I shop where would you prefer to get your baskets or bins do you have ideas as to what your home needs for function and if it need storage solutions at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we build new closet space and shower combo for individuals and then we moved on to building huge basements now we do a remodel different space large and small we also build for many different purposes to add function to a home so back to my office space I have some ideas I want baskets fun ones with designs to brighten up the space maybe some lids to make it more personal I love organizing with style using one thing for multiple purposes is my favorite thing to do like milkcrates you can make shelves you can use them as stands you can put them together for toddler furniture you can use them as storage you can use them for many different things in your home they are multipurpose containers have you ever been to the container store I heard its an old people store but I have an old soul so I think the store will be suiting for me others day don’t go in the store you will want to buy everything so there that advice as for back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will leave the accessorizing up to you with bits and pieces of suggestions