A fantastic day and I’ll hear a basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m having a tremendous day you know today is been a great day it’s been a little slower but you know what’s been good relaxing at the workplace getting white stuff caught up with from the week or just double checking a few things getting things ready for the next month cuz you know it is almost over March is almost over believe it or not we’re almost three full months into the year of 2021 that is absolutely amazing the year has gone by so fast and it’s been flying by you know we’re already almost April and Easter is just around the corner but you know your part is I am too also being ready just to make sure that everything is taken care of for when I go on my vacation that way out no one’s here at basement remodeling milwaukee is left in the dark or anything and everything is taken care of but I’m heading down to Florida for a week and it’s going to be absolutely amazing

I’m going to be able to play some baseball down there and enjoy the nice warm weather that when I have and I’ll switch for the beach there could have rented a little Airbnb right across from the ocean so it’s right on the beach basically and it’s absolutely stunning of you as well it looks absolutely amazing so we can’t wait to get down there and see everything for myself all I’ve been getting is pictures from the guy from teammate who booked the place so it’s going to be a fun time I hope everyone else has a great little get together and get get away you know cuz that’s what everyone seems to be doing right now. Everyone seems to be going on vacation and I’ll have for our clients that’s clients are all going on vacation the last couple weeks instead of hard to get a hold of them trying to get everything ironed out for the details of the contract and just get that going so they can get on the calendar that way they are you don’t miss out on stuff Yeah you know a lot of Clans don’t realize that you know what potential clients don’t realize that’s because he signed a contract that said they’re going to sign a contract to Attalla wall if he signed the contract we can get you in at this time that you need to stay wait 2 weeks and we sign for more contracts within those two weeks I means they’re back at the bottom of the totem pole which means that their projects going to get pushed out a little louder longer.

Louder and some don’t understand that it was like well we’re paying for it will used to be the start whenever we want is now that’s not how it works be have other clients and everything that we do take care of first you guys waited on the aspect of sign the contract to penis that we’re not going to be able to hold that spot for a lot and you know a lot of people don’t understand that here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and one time we got a conversation with one of them and say yeah we can start you within this time while they sign a contract and that was two weeks later after that conversation and we signed to contract before them and we weren’t able to start as that wall we told you beforehand like if we get other clients we have start them first it’s not our fault that you waited on you sign the contract and get going on the project and because we say this we also say this in the contract we start within 60 days a week do promise you that much and as well as that if we have other contract signed before yours we’re going to fix their projects.

First we can’t hold our calendar app for negotiation when they’ve signed projects before you did and you know that’s what it comes down to it and that’s where we going to get off with with a blue tile you know we’re going to go about some of the details you know we talking with lots of clients grey blue tile to their bathrooms and it’s the same as an ugly blue tile I’m not saying that anything’s there’s not many of them but you know it’s very unique very different from what you would see you know person I like the blue it’s very unique very different and it’s not overwhelmingly blue which is also a great option did you have some colors that just do get overwhelmed and you’re not able to get that going We do here basement remodeling Milwaukee

We have get lots of projects lots of calls in you don’t just alone this week we got 14 leads that came in and you know so fantastic we locate appointments and we’re going to get all them going on their projects and skinny fantastic in a lot of them are looking forward to these projects and I will want this game done for them they want to have a dream bass and they want to have a dream bathroom master bathroom that way they can just go and relax in it and you don’t have some time to themselves whether it’s the basement of the bathroom or whatever it’s the kitchen where they can make many many more memories that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t judge on the colors that you choose what we just do the project for you we haven’t seen make you guys pick all the aesthetic so that would be needed from the door handles to the faucets that you guys want to the color of the paint thats King painted the ceiling what do you want the sealing wax for a black do you want it ball drops in whatever get basement remodeling Milwaukee call.