Okay there goes go on here oh here we go I said Hannah none of 100 basement remodeling Milwaukee. I wish that hundred out of 100 I don’t usually give up perfect scores from movies if I ever is that good play Perfect scores, if I ever but 19 15 is that good all I can say it could have like four friends go on from the best I’ve ever seen this is me being all time great National tank right woman for Flatout all time.  Stylist movie shot in with the grits in the document from the movie Ocean’s movie connect make you feel I definitely do.  I didn’t ask for the name because I thought Lafayette was a girl name literally what I was thinking.  Cut, Milwaukee Airport 407 where is it located is more of a generalized especially if it’s like Milwaukee so big I mean Franklin okay if you would ask for the address make sense that’s what yeah that’s what he did that’s what he did for me yesterday basement remodeling milwaukee cuz you know West Burleigh all that much more North version of Burleigh Locust McKinley all that money like I’m good right by the airport I mean I knew that area I knew that was in like a horrible area so I could have you nothing major just a lot of drywall flooring end in Whiting average project all right that sounds so seriously keep it.

remove in a little bit.  after I don’t have that gray Very very nice house on yet for the people that try to feed out of a lot of I didn’t say listening columns like how you going to bother with that absolutely but go do something. 4 there was a time last year when basement remodeling milwaukee we were broken up situation like that where he’s not moved in yet you would still want me to bring up the fact I like we can talk to you know if you can get us right here but you know right right she can still go into the house right if he’s not moving out if he’s not moved in I don’t know how that works we can always take measurements show us with right so yeah I can call me again tomorrow then you sound a little scatterbrained house of they bought it’s nice houses market for 400,000 but the thing is 2 you know he the way I would look why would you put them down there right when he did say that I was like I but you never know probably not but at that point it’s out of my hands it’s not my choice for the dog right noise notaries I agree scatterbrained but I will defend to right beside talking for no reason like the time that you’re going to have leave them through that conversation yeah that’s

I mean like I didn’t go to super heavy I mean I asked the questions that I feel like I should have asked I’m like I know by hit those but I didn’t do though I didn’t like stay you like I’ll let I’ll let him kind of dictate the conversation at least sentence what to say and why we say it or why we don’t say it and you know it’s like not slipping up that way is what I still feel like I need knowledge basement remodeling milwaukee  in but it’s how do you how do you know until you’re in the situation where what I’m saying like even yesterday you don’t like the way I handled the phone cuz it could have been better but how do I know how to improve if I don’t sit there and you know get grilled by this lady well yeah I don’t want to be like that way I want to be.  videos company make Lake County Lake County money Lake County money I can get things done right oh yeah I didn’t know that yet I didn’t I like how he does talk about things that he has screwed up on to like things that you said.  right that’s why we’ve got this videos he didn’t exercise I drew our hierarchy Legos right take a look at it see the vision of the future Serebii I know I almost did that and then Shoujo see the vision of the future is at like keep going in and people keep going down if you want love all right how are things going we can look at the numbers we can maybe.

I promote Within what about a good morning what’s Ryan a thing yeah I like the login might be different that’s probably what it is either way scroll.  open up We are focused on what they’re saying as opposed to what you’re supposed to say don’t worry about basement remodeling milwaukee that as much I know I just feel robotic you feel like you know unscripted that’s okay play Clark start of his career Country Sweet right End generally like the way you talk can make a big difference in if it sounds like you’re reading or not like his make sure you good fit for you as well as your good fit for us right right.  yeah I mean it’s doing it no it’s alright hey you get that feeling when I’m with you you get to have that feeling then like today like today like it was easy with Sarah’s like I feel like I could have done that one right parts of that experience right that’s why I said.  that’s great point so trying to get set a trying to give him an answer right away it’s really

I’ll talk to Joe I wouldn’t lie I just yeah I would say some that would make sense because I didn’t even answer but today she was she’s nice cell and so far the ones we’ve been on they don’t really ask that many questions at an orientation I feel that usually those questions are answered at the proposal basement remodeling milwaukee  what’s good I mean yeah that’s when you sent when you see you like you could have said like Saturday explain to me the best I can’t wait that was like they’re not ready to see that that early.  yeah that’s I get here at 8, I’ll be there by 9 I work with it just certain things real quick I’m pull up that.