Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Preparation Paradise Bunker?

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Hello hello hello I am so excited to dinner spring is here and the sun is out it’s definitely not the first day of spring but it is Saint Patrick’s Day so we are seeing a lot of green and when I see green I feel rejuvenated I got fresh start everything is beginning to have a life and that is what I love about Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s a time where we come together it’s a time where we celebrate it’s a time where we laugh it’s a time where we have seriousness it’s a time where we build cabinets it’s a time where were nice and organized and put together as a team and then we have moments where worked I’ve really not and that’s okay too about to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are a team that will come in and remodel your basement starting with a free estimate then we will move forward at a 15% lower right than any other business in town at we are number one on Google Maps so if you go ahead and type in your browser basement remodels we will pop up feel free to reach out and read our reviews you know we have Joe on staff mr. Joe is the greatest we were just discussing yesterday it Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that our owner is just one person to be so kind and considerate of others and if you read one of the reviews that actually makes the statement that when you say what if this was your home what would you do gel puts the legit shoes on and he’ll give you the different ideas of what he would do and that’s what I love about as how realistic they are and how inside the Box they try to stay but when it comes to figuring something out there not afraid to go ahead and step outside that box and get some thinking caps on I staff they definitely complement each other well we do have Unity within our staff which I appreciate because it’s hard to find unity in other businesses and when you’re building a house together I’m sorry if you have power tools involved you have to get along that’s just my opinion that’s when I get they don’t give me power tools because I will explain to them why I should not carry them around a we are here to give you a free estimate and provide you with the bus staff on site at all times we just reviewed our weekly meeting and we incorporated some of the CDC suggested material and we reviewed it together as a team and we went through how to wash your hands and sing some songs together and it was a great time and believe it or not our team is ready to take on your Remodel and keep it clean and keep it safe for you and your family to enjoy new part of your home and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are excited for the new contemporary basement remodels that are coming up this spring I did some research this morning and holy lordy lordy I was looking and I kid you not these basements are so immaculate I was browsing and I saw a whole Kitchen in a basement a whole bathroom in a basement and we know we just put in an egress window and that basement is safe to be called a second living space however I don’t know how I feel about that when I look and I think about it I’m just distraught by the fanciness of these basements and not every basement is like this big and fancy second living space but let me tell you if I got to live in space and I have kids that are going to have a playroom because I am so darn tired of all these toys around in my front room and I’m trying to watch a movie now I told my son the other day going over there and don’t you dare come back out because I cannot hear the TV at this point as a child I remember going in our rooms and playing and we had our bed in there we had our little desk where we wrote on and then we don’t have all the electronics we may have had a TV in a room but it was rare we always had the TV in the front room the kids could play in the rooms we had a dining room and kitchen and hallway that connected the entire house no last night when I told my kids to go in their room and play I felt guilty I felt like a terrible parent I felt like oh my gosh my kids just want to be around me I really don’t think that was the case after examining it a little longer and thinking about it I feel like my kids shoes or being loud so I made it real simple I had 20 minutes of a show I wanted to see and then we brushed our teeth and we all went to bed by 9 so it was a great night together and thinking what would I do with the Contemporary basement what would I do with all that I definitely would not create a second living space for myself I would create a space for my kids to go and have fun and to go and play and to create memories of Their Own when we were younger we went outside we ran down the block we rode our bikes to the park we went and go get Johnny and Susie from down the block and they played with us and there was Gary and then we went and played with Marissa and and Mary and we had all these fun things to do and Society has taken it from us so now families are building second spaces and their homes and their basements to entertain either their children or their family or for many different purposes do we do remodels so give us a call at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’ll start you with a free estimate and then we can move forward with the 15% more right than any other company in town it’s a great opportunity for you and your family to get into that basement and start seeing what you want making your dreams become reality it’s hard to do it’s able to be done in processes it’s definitely up to the family but we encourage you to go ahead and step out the box and to consider remodeling your basement today