Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Raw Potential Down There?

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hello good afternoon thank you for turning in today over lunch at back2basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we were able to have a great meeting and I know that we’re moving forward and we’re doing great thing excuse me I had to take a drink sir we are definitely moving forward with remodeling products and we’re moving forward with new clients and we’re moving forward with the clients we had through the covid-19 respond. Mike and we’re really excited. Back to Basics Builders we have launched I believe I first Monday was over 10 leads my brain is just fried for a Monday afternoon I know that I needed definitely needed to eat something this afternoon and how many people go from Full to hangry with no warning in between well that’s the kind of day I’ve been having since I know we’ve discussed I’ve been diagnosed with pneumonia but I’m Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s just a few of us that have no morning it’s straight to hungry and when we’re out as a team and we’re building and remodeling and seeing what to do next and who’s going to do what and our strengths we always we take care of one another and let me tell you there’s some that could not eat all day and just keep working there that kind of people but when you communicate what’s on their snippy and you’re very black and white the later the day the more black-and-white they become and various art of anything so funny to know that there’s that Mark of hangry me know I just start yelling I have no no filter. There’s no filter and today I started I could feel the sugars change and I knew that and steroids and I needed to need something soon and so I took the kids to that girl she started we got a big lunch and we shared it with everybody and it was good it was really good but at the same time as me it was really exciting to see you there are we came together again and the kids are playing in reading and I feel like through this pandemic at Back to Basics Builders we don’t realize how many layers we have reconstructed covid we have tortilla cones so many different languages can peel them back and cleaned and got a lot of gunk out of the way and the products of this pandemic has just brought greatness to us and everybody name then I have come in contact with have always mentioned to focus on the product of the situation and this is the product of the situation and it’s a great product and I’m so excited about it and I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I can’t tell you enough about how excited I get when I come to work and I know I mentioned this a lot but today we kind of came in and had our meeting it was dreary and rainy and really cold outside this morning and then as the day went on it warmed up into the 50s and I got more and more gorgeous and I should say warm but it continued to be dreary and a back-to-basics Builders we open the windows and we felt the rain could smell it as beautiful and is very calming and Back to Basics Builders basement. Modeling Milwaukee what didn’t surprise me but text me going was the fact that everybody shut up this morning for their team meeting and was raining it was gloomy it was a kind of rain that sticks in your bones and makes you feel cold all day if you got caught in it was terrible meet your bones ache but it’s at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee everybody came in together we stand together we enjoyed lunch together today we had the kids were in the office they got to see us working and we had a presence and a lot of people don’t understand that there is Ministry and presents and it taste this a lot that when you go into spaces as individuals right there to take the temperature that room I’m not a thermometer I’m more of a thermostat where even if I’m just standing there you’re going to know that there’s a difference Within Me and it’s my goal to send that presidents in the room without and a respectful manner I want to put that out there and it goes into a Ministry of bringing peace and we’re not in people of Destruction Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that when you give us a call to come and remodel your home wherever respects where family-owned business we’re here to serve you it’s our ministry that we have compassion within us this keeps us going this makes us smile this makes me laugh it brings Joy and when you get to see that in people and they get to experience it in their lives it’s a great thing it’s beautiful and I love it at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I want you do know when to understand that we’re not here 2 just make money but we’re here to serve you as well we’re here to provide you with a hundred percent free consultation right here to provide you with a free estimate and then we have a 15% more right than any other company I’m a business and when you’re ready for your free estimate you can go ahead on our Facebook page and give us a message you can contact us at Back to Basics fill out the contact page information you can give us a call on the phone at 414-460-0075 we truly appreciate the phone when it’s a ring a ding ding and we get to schedule you and gather your information and share your dreams with you that’s truly what gets us going every morning motivates us waste is up is the fact that we get to share dreams with you I want to support you through the entire process for free that’s what we get to do and we love it and we hope that you do too so give us a call or fill out our contact page at Back to Basics today.