Although, our company is named Back To Basics Builders, we are not just a basic basement remodeling Milwaukee service. Back To Basics Builders is a one-stop shop customer remodeling and renovation business that works out of the greater Milwaukee area. We bring innovation to our services, our quality of work, as well as our outstanding customer service.

As a basement remodeling Milwaukee service, we always the remodel many bathrooms, but we also do kitchens, bathrooms, and more. We can even do custom remodels and renovations, such as built-in bookcases as well as movie theaters. Maybe when you bought your house at an amazing new wood floor, but you’ve been there for several years in the what a started to rot or the sealer has started to wear off? No problem. Even if there’s no problem in for whatsoever and you just want to change, we can take care of of it. We can do any and every remodeling projects that you might have from painting to plumbing, as well as flooring to fixtures. We can do it all. Maybe you want to rip grandma’s old wallpaper off in the bathroom and turn into seaside sanctuary? No problem in all we can do that for you.

Another way we bring innovation to our customers is through our creativity and quality of work. Back To Basics Builders takes a lot of pride in the quality of our work in the create creativity we can bring to any part of your home. You can even check out all of our work online as we have a gallery show potential customers what exactly they are getting when they come work with us. We always ask our customers how exactly they would remodel a room or area if money was no issue, and then we brainstormed to try to find a way to make that happen as well as we can within the budget.

The most important type of innovation that we are bringing to market is our customer service. While many businesses claim have customer service, the such is that many of them do not. It’s only business strategy to get customers to trust them. We don’t claim to have amazing customer service, we also permit every day with our customers. Our first priority, as well as our passion, is to serve others. That is the core of our business. Our business solely exists to serve and bring solutions to our customers remodeling needs. Is why we offer so many services and options.

So, don’t be full by our name, we are not just a basic basement remodeling Milwaukee service. Back To Basics Builders is actually bringing innovation back as well. We bring innovation through all the services that we offer including custom remodels and renovations as well as through the creativity and quality of our work, and through our unmatched customer service. Let our actions be glad that our words, let us show you personally. Reach out to us today at 414-460-0075 or find us online at!

Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Where Can Good Remodel Work Be There?


You might be wondering what type of options you get with the basement remodeling Milwaukee service? Well, if you’re, then you’ll be happy to know that you have a massive amount of options when you work with us. Back To Basics Builders is a one-stop shop for all of your remodeling needs. We offer several different options when we do a remodel for you. We do remodels and renovations for bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and anywhere else in the home that you might want one. We even do custom renovations such as movie theaters, built-in bookcases, and more.

One of the main types of remodels that we do our bathrooms. It doesn’t matter what type of renovation remodel you need, we can do it. Doesn’t matter if you want to rip grandma’s old wallpaper off the wall and put a new one on, repaint wall, or even turn the rectum into seaside sanctuary. We can do it all. One of the main reasons that most people do bathroom remodels is due to water damage. This happens both within the walls and an outside. Types can leak plumbing is old or done incorrectly, and steam can cause the walls to bluster. So there’s any type of vision your breath in the want to fix, or redo, or even if it is completely fine and you just want a new look. We can do it all.

As a basement remodeling Milwaukee company we also take care basements. Is your basement an old worn down laundry room, or an attic but simply on your house? Is a huge part of your home that you not utilize? No matter what the reason for the state your basement, we can turn into something truly amazing. We can turn into a movie theater for you and your family. Make it a place for the whole family enjoys being. We can turn it into a gym, or simply the family game room for those gain lights that are too crowded at the kitchen table. Anyway you want we can make it happen. We offer several customizable options for you regarding basement remodels and renovations.

In addition to bathrooms in business, we also offer kitchen remodeling. Kitchen also very important, because that is the room for we spend a lot of time, especially the chef of the home. So you tired of staring at the stain count of every tiny work in the kitchen? Well, then we can easily replace it with anyone. The floors are were out in your kitchen? That is also not a prompt for us. We can do anything and everything in kitchen remodeling. We do everything from flooring to fixtures, and plumbing to painting. Suddenly, make the chef of the home happy with the brand-new kitchen and make the in-laws jealous this coming Thanksgiving.

So you’re wondering what type of options you get when you work with a basement remodeling Milwaukee business like us? Well, the short story is that you get any options you want. Back To Basics Builders is a one-stop shop for all of your custom remodel and renovations. Not only do we love to build and create, but we also want you to be happiest in your home that you can be. Our passion is to serve and make your dream home a reality. So don’t wait! Call us today at 414-460-0075 or you can reach out to us online at