Testing testing basement remodeling Milwaukee.  so as I talked about on my last article that I wrote it talks about like painting and stuff. I kind of didn’t go look super forward to that but I like I guess I think I title it like how to use a paintbrush. That wish I went link to boarded up from the like how to hold it or anything. But like I did explain like a few things with your kind of important. See how to pick out paint color in there have to get in the space that you want to put the specific color just to make sure the light doesn’t like alter the color itself. All the way by Mom and Dad I picked out this really pretty what they thought was like a grey green color for the living room when they didn’t really test it out so when they painted it actually turned out to be a lot more green they were anticipating. And they weren’t like a huge fan of that but I mean didn’t want to repaint the entire space so they’re kind of just living with it right now.

All my by accident in this article I like title that like like brush or roller. It’s really important to know like when you should use a brush for his when you see was a row 4. Because just some things are better for you other things I guess. That you’re not going to want to use a ruler when they edging in your leg walls and stuff basement remodeling Milwaukee. That just like obviously would not work great. What’s up?  what’s up? okay I got to finish Vinny’s right in and then I can play for a little bit more okay I have to get these done and check a few other things quick. sound good/ taco.  you before So sofa for my brother and I would go in with rollers she would take like an angled brush and she would a job out all that. Because like she wanted to make sure that we avoided getting paint on the ceilings because feelings are kind of a pain to paint and our opinion I guess because like it just like cause the stuff on the ceiling I guess.

And like just kind of sounds hard so my mom tries to add everything in first before we even have like a chance to use the roller. Because unlike that’s like putting a border in between the ceiling and the walls I guess. If they’ve got a good way to Alec say it but yeah so like for like once I got old enough and I’ll let me Edge stuff in. Because I’m a pretty detailed person and a not to like I did better I wouldn’t say but I definitely did like Focus very hard on making sure everything was like correct I guess basement remodeling Milwaukee. I like that was always like a big priority. Another thing we do to light and stuff out and make sure that they were going to really clean line and not making a messes like I’ll take stuff off. And by that like I mean hi can I help you how are you today?

Font yes and we also 2 on the tape like with a painter’s tape like talking to people like tape off stuff. Like the on baseboards and like if there’s any like crown molding and would not be able to really read into it all dark red help. Resume you like some people might have it. Let me all selected off windows and door frames and that kind of thing. We don’t necessarily tape off Outlets. It will take those off just because it’s a little bit more subtle but users to take them off the wall and they put them in like a bucket together basement remodeling Milwaukee. I do recommend link taping the screws to each individual Outlets let you know where the all the screws are when you go back to screw in the outlet back into the wall because you want the walls be complete. And so yeah and then I kind of like why would he was like an eagle brush I would say. And then ask for a roller roller really is just like a filler thing I would say.

From earlier we would use a roller to fill in like a wall I guess. I’m still using the brush to kind of like I do everything cut out everything and then you’re going to use the roller and Link that just going to like cells and all the Caps. I think the best thing about a row or is that just too much faster basement remodeling Milwaukee. I’m like oh I’d like another till we were taught as a cleaner using a roller you should paint it in like a w shape and then go back and fill it in because that I don’t know exactly why would I think it has something to do with coverage and like your table till I get a wider range of coverage and like a short amount of time if you like stick to that method. We learned that a few years ago and it definitely has helped us like make the time go by faster when we’re doing light bigger spaces and painting. Clear picture living room or basement or kitchen we’ve actually painted every room in the house. Some more than once basement remodeling Milwaukee. I’ve actually painted our half bath on the main floor myself two or three times I believe. This last time we just decided to paint it like all gray just because it’s very neutral solid color and it goes up a lot of things. The only hard thing though is about that space is that it just so tight and there’s not really great lighting and just kind of need some like fixing up. But it’s up line at the top of the list of things that need to be fixed prior to selling.