The building with the building inspectors make new be as specific as possible the plan review yeah I think I saw that email yesterday I was like so if we keep looking at the thing if we’re looking at the MLB scores with my things that we charged right now but like I said in the last 5 Games Francisco Lindor is definitely heating up a good sign for a Mets fans I guess like if you go from last 7 Game season basement remodeling milwaukee  3 10 + with 9 heads so taking it to 73 see what if we go up to last 13 games you been to 64 lb is enough little bit Power number still aren’t there but right is that like 3 and that’s when you were at the proposal you still like a tag.

No I mean I get you for I didn’t know yeah yeah I didn’t know what you know what your plan was for the rest of the day but hey, let’s 3 here some more work for you all today all yeah yeah I’ve been trying to I’ve been working on those whenever I can though the too many too little at night yeah I spent like maybe I spent some time too and I think I’ve got like half done so Joe did say to me though and I’m sure it’s apply to you but just have see make sure you get your done first and then work on those basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I just keep saying that phrase 52 * and 1000 words if you look the Orioles beat the twins in the last 5 years I think the Orioles have been the worst team I’ve ever seen because I have a fun team but they’re not very good song Matt Harvey did Pitch yesterday you went 3 strong don’t make it a bad game yeah they just can’t fetch the twins are not a good pitching team cuz Jorge Polanco Pinhead Donaldson can hit Nelson Cruz can always head obviously they just are not able to Gilmore runs and they can handle the Gordon I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be like a pretty big Prospect few years ago yeah this is first season I’m good for him we look at the Rays versus Yankees the Yankees won a World this Chapman basement remodeling milwaukee  got another save Exit 12 on the season he’s got a point for 1 year a key to walk a couple but he struck out two or Tampa Bay heard the Yankees DJ lemahieu 1/4 extant 143 Aaron judge is definitely cool down but you or shella went 2 for 4 with a couple RBIs Play Victorious a couple a couple hits Gary Sanchez Warren for 3 roof panel door went 1 for 4 so a pretty good game all around for the Yankees lineup it looks like he’s not hitting at all this year it’s Brett Gardner so keep an eye on that operative of a reindeer rows 4/4 with four strikeouts so not a good game for him he did not see the ball G-Man Troy 1142 he looks like he is you still get on base with create Austin Middle School 145

but you did leave 5 on base see World’s Fair tear what’s going on in that game except for that the Blue Jays beat the Marlins end see how fletemier Guerrero do I grill Junior went 1 for 4 with a walk so voice beat his one hit was a triple Humble Pie J-14 forward 2 RBIs increase truck had a couple home runs couple solo shots the other side Jazz Chisholm see if we could set word down ice did basement remodeling Milwaukee Starling Marte went 1-4 for Jesus Aguilar 1145 Gary Cooper over for Dickerson 1244 pretty good game for most of the players Garcia other clothes are really did struggle pictures of Carl Edwards Jr it is the mental exam Toronto even really that good 2080 didn’t come back last year and make a couple appearances but the Nationals also beat the Braves take a look at that those numbers basement remodeling Milwaukee.  if we are at Washington Trea Turner go another couple hits and an RBI he’ll double I’m sort of went 1 for 3 he had a homerun his sex on the season how to spell 1.43 copy forward to that as well tell me what they all look pretty good Jon Lester to get start and I just couldn’t

We need to struggle Luke Jackson had a good outing and Mentor Martin I’m a queen next 1/4 a cup of strikeouts Freddie Freeman 1143 Dansby Swanson home run Austin Riley over for it Hobbies though I had a pretty good game at 2 for 4 make it quite a bit of money I know you signed a smaller contract but are we supposed to the first time here in a bit so he told us yesterday that a car show cancelled I’ll ask him if you wants me to call her I forgot oh I didn’t even remember the first part of that conversation yeah I don’t remember that are we canceling the job shadow for today when you’re done with I forgot one of the elevations for Highmark will see you.  basement remodeling Milwaukee horses paste we keep going we will see that I don’t Thursday it is Thursday June 3rd Way We Were on Ronald Acuna stats so other than that there’s not much going on the Red Sox lost to the Astros new season J D Martinez tickets dogs of course you didn’t 3 hunter Renfrow it is he the guy that played for the Padres leave it was but I can’t remember exactly how these things were supposed to go yeah he wasn’t going to play for Padres rbi’s for the Astros Yuli gurriel and something I don’t know who that is but for him on the picture was Valdez Ryan Pressly was generally very good picture then Berry good for are struts for a little while now the Wake pitching battle football teams basement. If you would like to find out more information, all you have to do is give us a call or visit our website today!