Testing testing. Perfect. I’m on my third article with me. Yeah I don’t really have a lot to talk about to a feeling when you’re on the last day or so hard that I get ready basement remodeling Milwaukee. I can’t talk about the storm and one of my articles this morning and. Med fire and PD so good Wednesday night binge watch. yeah we’re so I guess I don’t have time to see me but I have all the 4 more articles I want to get rid of. I really want to eat at least leave it 4 it by 10:00 and guess what I only got two. Because I didn’t really give me more Dunwoody copy decrease the recipe. Hopefully the next couple hours or so I can get my 7 down and be done with it for the rest the day. Because I don’t worry about it really anymore I don’t worry about it for a couple days and it would be really nice the next week I I don’t know this is kind of a lot of it and then 4 days to get 30 I might just try to get 25 next week or maybe just hit my 20 cuz I won’t be here on Friday basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like after the storms happen last night I just thought about like what happened what would happen like if you were house word to be torn down. Like they gonna show shock will probably be like just absolutely horrifying like to wake up and realize that your home is like gone. I mean a lot of times I can at least in the midwest I know I would tell you to go on your basement because it’s the safest spot because there’s not a lot of Windows usually you want to go now it’s a basement into a room where there’s no one knows a lot of the time so I get my parents house if my brother’s bedroom because there’s it’s not really technically bedroom it’s mostly just like a room with the closet down there but there’s no windows. It’s super saiyan go go. He’s got like a bad in there so we can weld around there’s TV otherwise we have like a storage room in the back. We can go in the bathroom cells with good idea when they’re going to her house but there is a lot of class to We tend to not do that if we have to. I’m usually first pick Leah Mitchell’s bedroom or the back room basement remodeling Milwaukee.

The back room is like there’s a lot of stuff like shells shells pawn shop on stuff so we really try to avoid that as well just because it might not be as safe of all the time. Usually every Mitchell’s bedroom. Words are safe spot. Look at all the kids school they will teach you really go in the hallway and put your head between your knees and put your hands above your head to the gold to town because I guess Dupree’s falling like I like going places it like it’s less likely to hit you I guess. But yes like I mean going back to like what happens if your house gets ripped apart. I mean first you’re going to clean up the land because you’re obviously not going to want to just like move away and the mice like you were looking actually already thinking about selling your house. A lot of the time you’re going to want to like clean up all the Capri in like start working on it. A lot of times I be saying Charles I’ll help you with this like to see the final score to stay in like food and like all that kind of thing. Because obviously you can’t like set up with $20 back your how sound like that is just complete coincidence. Like they really doesn’t try to help you. So like I feel like the first things first is get your lands on you.

Making sure everything’s like safe and back up and running. Making sure like pipes and everything you’re still in town text. I was at and you’re going to want to find like a construction company that’s going to help you actually build the actual house basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I feel like if that happens I’m sure like multiple hours looking for down I’m sure they just get really busy because everybody else he wants to her house back and leg takes a year I feel like purple house we built. I can’t tell you I always have built the house or anything but yeah I feel like so I’ll be your second stop to just finding somebody who’s willing to build the house. I should table like I should be like the Builder. But I thought you’re in a large side you want like I guess I’ll leave your house torn down like different right if I deposit it with you get a new house I guess. I’m going to pick up blueprints on what you want to look like basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If you wanted to look the same as it did when it was torn down or do you want the new baby. I know like a lot of people table 12 typically build something a little different. I’m sometimes we’ll have to think of a structure but like a different appearance. There was so however in my hometown like while probably 10-15 years ago a house like actually blew out from a gas leak. And it was a new warehouse and the people who own the house actually chose to build it exactly the same like piece by piece same for another house like a couple miles away from the airport down from a fire and they built it exactly the same as well. I’ll be yes I think that once you got those steps cover than your kind of suck and good to go basement remodeling Milwaukee.