We are on the voice typing I’ll look to see where I’m at at go on and on about this movie but I’m going to say is if you are on the fence watching watching it after a few hours I definitely review for two other people said if you would have the audience scores on 88th so definition P music but once it again  pray if we keep with I don’t know why it said that I’m going to delete that I’m probably going orif we keep with I don’t know why it said that I’m going to delete  whatever.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m sorry said Saving Private Ryan Meats Blair but that’s just wrong I don’t know why that’s a dumb review if we keep going through some of the bad reviews I don’t know why I verified audience apart is audience Angela ponder that should be verified no I’m not but see how to become a verified or you have to pay I’m sure you have to pay that’s all I anymore. I had fun out there I know I did more I was this good movies.  scissor Thurmond trouble hear me I’m going to go to here quick and then see None see where I’m at so I’m at to be I need two more for today and then we’re good for the week.  which I way I box office to top box offices the best movies right now our profile the Mitchells versus the machines which I don’t really know about that one watermelon I’ve never heard of High Ground never heard of any of these I want to have heard of it the space between but that’s coming out if we keep looking there is yeah there’s a lot of movies that I haven’t seen that I don’t really want to see I’ll just see go to Fresh okay I guess

I don’t know if any of those are certified but let’s go to profile summary see what else we got here I go to summary of my profile I was just telling me what I have ratings up I don’t know what 3 t s means butts I could do TV ratings which is kind of optical my profile and see what that’s it.  basement remodeling Milwaukee the first one formation I don’t think there’s a picture on here is there I’ll do my gender why not and where I’m from the United States Berry quest of your perfect got to love that I don’t know why I did that but okay so it doesn’t like that request I guess we’ll just go back to my the battery Quest okay so badly details okay awesome I love that thanks website.  see if we keep looking there it is preferably has 42 movies that are verified fresh that’s kind of incredible if you ask me turn the volume down here in Dallas if you look at most popular TV right now I’m going to go to the wall cuz I definitely do need a basement remodeling milwaukee new show there’s master I forget we have that is the show from is the show from Aziz Ansari Marvel’s modok okay really not much going on there though movies we can earning certified fresh some top movies and see where we’re at top 100 movies by Chandra animation Toy Story 4 number 5 Okay. Can give him that one inside out I would say is the greatest that is the greatest animated movie of all time how to write a review about it see all the phones out don’t forget to 96 I could definitely just say like I’ll say well that sucks cuz I know you to do that that’s too bad I want to see what the big time movie guys disable this movie only 9295 for go 494 and Jack was just kind of I guess that’s kind of interesting to me to 100. I am going to write that into the review on the first Sunday of the month what’s your opinion on this movie 100 animation movie I have ever seen really know what else to say about that this movie it comes to emotion this movie hit all the all of the right chords no court would be like guitar chords would you be that how do you say all of the right chords .

Basement remodeling Milwaukee we have to say I was just simply the best animation movie I’ve ever seen when it comes to most of this weekend all three chords words that I could say like from I want to say Charming witi children’s movie Perfect.  At its core inside out is a movie about the Persona vacation of human emotions at score human emotions but it is lead but it is laid out viewers such a Charming witty way adults in children can enjoy this Pixar of course I doubt I’m going to say is a movie about the personification of human emotions because laid out for a few hours and such a Charming would we enjoy this Pixar film throughout the movie you taken on a roller coaster me tearing up and then 2 minutes basement remodeling milwaukee later put move your ticket on words for roller coaster and they had me cheer up and then 2 minutes later leave it to your up and then the same scene move your table with that make you make you that will make you simply I meant to say it right here that I’ve of 24 minutes away it’s alright court that score it’s an old movie about the song in

The Jungle Book extreme everybody can relate to this movie making it a must-watch inside out a Pixar movie see if it’s Pixar make a note martial arts also being Pixar’s greatest movie and its illustrious decrease movie ever so the best animation MacGyver see smaller than such a mixture of them laugh in the same see this movie Mickey Mouse watch Pixar’s greatest movie ever released I feel like the movie is fun to do is going to find the right people dislike this movie see where we’re at here basement remodeling Milwaukee.