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Welcome friends today is a great day the sun is shining and the pain of being outside is slowly coming to an end spring should be here soon with ankle high jeans and fun jackets and pretty feet in Wisconsin you never want to see any ones feet during the winter season we start with fun fall colors and after Halloween it all goes down hill sometimes for the holidays we may spruce up the feet outside of that you definitely will not ever want to ask any one to take of their shoes especially if you see they are wearing no socks with their shoes sometimes in these winter months I don’t wear socks with my fuzzy boats so it’s a disaster dry feet that have the odor of winter boot sweat at back to basics builders we keep out shoes on and we wear them through your house so you definitely don have to worry about the sweat drips and the odor that may be endured if the boots are removed so at back to basics builders we encourage our customers to follow through with keeping their carpets and floors protected I love that we have carpet in the front room and none near the door at back to basics builders we will make sure you have something laid prior to our entry while we work we definitely keep our messes to ourselves and use tarps to ensure your floors protection please understand not all messes may be our laborers but maybe a subcontractor all we ask is that you contact back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and notify us if there are any problems with your space our customers come first and our quality is what we stand on we enjoy making our customers happy with quality work and it is our duty as a remodeling company to do our best to keep mess to a minimal at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee our staff is faithful and loyal to its customers we enjoy building a remodel in your home to better help your lives and the family unit at we are those people we enjoy everything about serving others and helping our community we love what we do and we are strong unit to provide the help we can at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a great team that enjoys new ideas and new projects we love what we do and enjoy the doing of it Milwaukee has a huge community and in some areas they are built strong and have great relationships with local leaders in the community other parts are distant and far off in quiet areas then there are small towns within the large city its great to do networking here and to meet new people and experience new ideas and to remodel all the different styles that a home will offer we love building around difference we love to see difference we love to learn new cultures we love to see beyond the sky where there are no limits we love to grow we love to renew our minds every day to better qualify as individuals who may serve their community at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a team player system everyone helps everyone get to the goal we share multiple talents and we complement each other’s talents at back to basics builders we share timeliness we are people of integrity we respect our clients and engage with focus and responsiveness and are highly energized with a positive attitude at back to basics builders we also have fun and help each other learn we all ask questions when we are in doubt and we all take constructive criticism well we also are open to being coached in new and different ways to better build your basement not all houses have the same structures and that is when back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee will change your house into a home providing new techniques with modern ideas the subcontractors also work very close with us allowing us to be better prepared to answer any questions you may have for us and our company including the outside network of subcontractors we will always keep you up to date with emails phone call and in person communication we are honest and will respect your time and provide quality work at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I can tell you as a co worker we are well supported allowing us to better function in our work environment we are focused as a team and when we look for new hires we always consider the culture of our business our environment is always positive I love it at back to basics builders when we all join in on Mondays and we can talk to one another about growth and opportunity we are always looking for ways to improve we want to be the best at what we do we want to be the number one company that is making basement remodels we too have dreams at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s a great place with great people who communicate with one another review mistakes and look for ways to better improve one another’s work we are the family in work we like to help people we like to bring each other up we like to care for one another we enjoy helping each other do our best and we keep each other on track however we can with one another our open communication helps us to better ourselves the criticism we get from one another helps us to better our career not just business it’s a caring environment where we feel supported and where staff have an ability to communicate with one another to better the communication lines amongst us but to better the communication and remodeling project with our customers we are excited to start spring and have new projects coming up and finished ones closing up