Hello hello hello testing testing testing is this working. I’m really afraid that my micro braids are going to stop like recording my voice again. But like I said by the time as soon as you keep clicking on like quarter car car basement remodeling Milwaukee. I’m sometimes I just got to go to light stop and start and sometimes my microphone don’t lie pick that up. But yeah so long to respond to message. So patient with starting this whole summer for the CPA exam. And you submitted to like you have to come have your last year as exit voice of your delete graduate college in the Navy or final transcript Outfitters before you can let you in apply to take the exams. But once you have your private areas will be presented in for them to like give you a provable to sign up for these exams. So like so it can’t be submitted this like Prime middle of June so typically you would think you wouldn’t take over a month to get approved for a specific task. Like literally they have not approved him until he finally reached today was like Hey like I’m just curious like I’ve got like all the studying done in like I supposed like I’ll be on track to take the first exam like in like a week but like I said I can’t even sign up for them yet like is there something else I need to do like a mess basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And they just beat on sending a new transcript because I think they’ve totally lost it and down I would just be so frustrated if I were him. Just like he’s been studying so much and devoting so much time to adjust to be like told like all the actual yeah you should probably should have waited because like we want to transcript so we going to prove it. Which it’s super frustrating because it’s totally not on him and it’s on them and it’s completely delaying the process of him taking all the exams because he has to take it to get like four or five exams until he began to the first one I obviously can’t see the second one. Just putting everything else out. 97 all done by next fall to get his bonus with this new job that you are his except with an accounting firm in Milwaukee. I guess that is not as important or whatever basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So he has to last article me toggle copy let’s face it I feel like it’s really important when you are either building and remodeling a home that like you kind of have an idea of what it needs to be like like what like on like what the house or the whole best to do for you. I mean like everybody has different like hobbies and things that they like to do. We’re like so like for example of some people need a home office because they work from home or like they have certain things you need to do from home but like not everybody needs a home office so I guess that’s more of a priority for some people and not a predator for others. That’s why I think when I presume you’re building a house you really need to have an idea of like what purposes that’s what is the house needs to fill.

Like if you have kids you might want to make a space word we’re over like a playroom kind of thing. Just to minimize the amount of toys of clutter throughout the rest of the house. I don’t like when I was growing up my parents as devoted extra bedroom to the toy room. And like if we had gas they would put a like a air mattress or I think there was a bed in that room but like sometimes you just completely covered in toys and whatnot so I can it was a guest room / playroom. Nothing that was really smart because I had a dual purpose of that room and I think a lot of people are doing that lately too especially in basements are doing like play space as well as bedroom as well as I gave her room the movie rooms and they call back anything. Another example is like a lot of people in their basements are putting in like what bars are they kind of bar in the basement but like that’s not everybody’s favorite thing in the world basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I mean like some people I don’t drink and so they’re not going to want to have this massive borrow their base and. But like I think you really need to figure out what the fit your needs the best in your home and then that’s how you need to carry. I feel like that’s like really important when trying to Carpenter a space in your mind for these rooms. We also need to keep in mind like how many bedrooms and bathrooms table in a lot of the times this isn’t as easy as you want it to be too change basement remodeling Milwaukee. So like if you have like you need like three to four bedrooms that are going to keep that in mind whether you’re coming up the basis for new ones or the car rental spaces for the was rumored to be used with like the purpose of that space. So yeah I think it’s really important to keep that kind of thing in mind when you like doing a renovation or even a new brand new pillow. It’s just making sure that you know like what purposes the whole needs to fill whether it be in office how many bedrooms how many bathrooms are size of a kitchen doesn’t need a backyard does it need attack. I feel like that’s a lot of things to take into consideration and you really need to keep all that in mind basement remodeling Milwaukee.