Testing 1 2 3 go into a stick hello neighbor what’s having a fantastic day today you want to use me Tuesday on the week of the 23rd you know it is going pretty so far this week, I noticed she was little bit of love even though it is Tuesday about on Mondays are always just like one day that went out and seeing is that what I see your face it Basement remodeling in Milwaukee home come back from the weekend and everything goes down the drain and that we need to start figuring out what needs to be done what needs to be fixed again being awake and aware of all the problems and situations very good can we make her clients come first at basement remodeling Milwaukee.Play Remy talk about ceiling fans of the many different types of the ones that we’ve seen and there’s quite interesting ones out there you know you don’t just have your everyday ceiling fans or you just seeing standard one piece it remodeling Milwaukee we see a lot of different projects.

Different unique styles from many different Court in Tavares Testing one two testing there we go now it’s working again here at basement remodeling Milwaukee We are discussing ceiling fans of the many different styles of there are of them you know but looking at one right now where to have a have a rustic look to in the room the ceiling is more of a resting with type 2 walls are more V stone veneer finish do you have the do you have a family have the fan and that you from the ceiling that this morning babe rustic type different color to match the rest of the house I like to have this other place that’s wonderful. Side of you which will get into in a second. Allure stove please So what are you fans openly discussing of the right side and it’s more of you outdoor-themed you know it has like a Decker look to it that 5 at the huge huge couches that just takes up the whole deck practically and it has two fans that kind of split that the couch is a two and a half of one fan covers the other side the other the other and you know it’s more probably because it’s in tropical areas so it needs to have a cool down area while you’re outside hanging out.

Hardcore GIF Reddit as well so what kind of the fans is quite different from normal forms you a be kind of a rustic look like I mentioned earlier but more of a veneer polished wood that does pops we look up at it different style and only with Show me pics you can juice from Pino’s many different styles and things that go into play when you took it up the ceiling fan you don’t like this one has a wood finish room start with the bad as well as a fan and the wall behind the bed is it you be crazy soft hot words with cushion fan is more a flea looks like you windmill what is a sec offender cook like for Windows but this was more V style of powdy propellers turbines desk with rock. Janet repine is more of a different type of style is it is unique to Lakewood meals a loved one like one you know it’s like a house that is generated by Electric solar energy or a week meal itself you know that be pretty cool to have one we have here basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot that goes I knew we like I said we have a lot of clients that just come to ask is for some crazy fans and yellow we tell him we can do that stuff for you know we’re going to cost you. you don’t hear basement remodeling work in a we make sure our clients are well aware of everything that goes on throughout the time we love our clients everything you do with a communication with each other and communicate with about the other pieces to God I make sure everything is going smoothly throughout the home. The project and remodeling so that way we know we have all ideas that they wanted into the projects.

You know here at basement remodeling milwaukee we make sure that the clients are the number 1 priority with everything that goes in to the projects and remodeling weather it is a basement, bathroom, or kitchen the client comes first making sure that we stay with in the budget that will allow them to do the project you we do let them know that some things must be sacrificed when trying to doing a big project like the ones that we do because somethings are that wanted are very expensive and and a ton of cost to the project so we sit down with the clients here at basement remodeling milwaukee.

The reason we do that is because we make sure they understand the ideas that are going behind this project are exactly what they want so that we can move forward with the project and iron the smaller details when it comes down to the end of the project but you here at basement remodeling milwaukee we give out free estimates and go over the project with them in multiple stages first is to see the price with everything they want. Because that is the goal for us is to make sure everything the clients want gets in on the contract so that they can feel good about the purchase with us but unfortunately sometimes we have to cut the budget do to unforeseen circumstances that come up when doing project like these because even when we take a look at the home we don’t see everything that is in the wall currently or even underground and we do not live there to see if water gets in basement due to the flooding every spring. So give basement remodeling milwaukee a call for a free estimate.